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    Can I apply for MP before I graduate from my Law Enforcement course?

    You wont be able to submit an application until you complete your law enforcement education.  I made the mistake of applying for MP before I completed my criminology education and getting three different people to fill out that giant MP reference check package.  The next day I got a phone call...
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    Infantry or Artillery, specific for me, (ive done searches)

    Scotty, Don't base your decision on chance of injury.  Everyday we are involved in activities that may result in serious injuries (driving, walking down stairs, yard work, cooking, sports etc.)  If you are careful during work and play you can minimize your chance of serious injury to zero (or...
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    Military Police Assessment Centre (MPAC)

    Don't even bother asking around.  This information is kept very secret.  Basically be ready for everything and anything. There will not be any polygraphs but that doesn't mean it is open season for lying.  I heard of guys who went all the way through the MP recruiting stage, made it to BMQ and...
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    Whos my recruiting officer

    KITIMAT!  Cool!  That is where I was born and raised.  There are a few of us in the military (most Navy in Victoria) I didn't get my travel pay until middle of Jan to early Feb and I finished my written, medical, physical and interview in early November.  But at least you get some money back...
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    Whos my recruiting officer

    North coast of BC huh?  I was born and raised around that area.  I consider myself lucky living driving distance away from a recruiting center. If you want answers your best bet is to call the recruiting center in Vancouver and talk to the secretary about your file.  They will know the current...
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    Pilot applicant has to wait 1 month just to TAKE a medical exam

    The RCMP are desperate for new recruits as well but that doesn't mean they will hand over a uniform, badge and gun to the first people in line.  It is a slow and through process to ensure the best candidates get the job.  Especially when the army is giving you their most expansive toys (the...
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    good things come to those who wait!

    I bought a good inexpensive suit for my MP interview.  I feel I wasn't over dressed but now I have a costly suit hanging my closet that I only wore once (well twice to another interview).  If your budget can handle a suit go for it...if not buy some nice dress pants, white shirt and tie with a...
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    The Military Police [MP] Superthread

    Stirling: I was in the same position as you a few months back.  I applied for the Military Police trade 14 weeks before I graduated from post secondary.  I wrote out the application, sent away the three bulky reference packages to my previous employers only to find out that my application would...
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    Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT) [MERGED]

    The best advice is to get the latest GED study guide from the library.  The Canadian GED's give you tons of practice questions and even a few full practice tests.  Also the book will tell you how to do most problems step by step (especially useful for math questions.)  I knew my biggest...
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    Marks / Grades: School / GED or PLAR [MERGED]

    Finish high school!  If you get injured or quit or get fired from the army at least secondary school will be available to you to pursue another career.  You never lose with education.
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    A little help. (personal, no jokes)

    I kind of disagree with everyone else's advice of sitting your parents down to have a formal discussion about you joining the army.  Why cause so much worry and friction in your family at such an early stage?  I would very casually say that a CF recruiter was in your school and you had a quick...
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    Enhanced Reliability Check (ERC) - Merged

    You are probably better off heading back to USA to join their army.  If the marines doesn't work out how about the U.S. Army? For a last resort you can always sign up with England military
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    Time length between call, swearing in and BMQ

    After talking to various people about their CF recruiting experience I have heard some people getting the acceptance call in as short as six or seven months.  While others may take as long as two to three years to get their chance to go to BMQ.
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    Rememberance Day Rage

    That is so terrible for anyone to carry a conversation during the two minutes.  What is even worst is the people directly around the moron did not nudge him or ask him to turn the damn thing off.  Although that would only result in more commotion and probably resistance from the cell phone...
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    How is this video card for a lower end pc?

    I am in the market for a cheaper video card. I was looking in Best Buy today for some ideas and found an  eVGA Geforce FX5200 128 mb card for $80 bucks after rebate. Is that a good choice for playing games like Sims 2, Thief 3, Splinter Cell, Neverwinter Nights, Farcray, KoToR, Generals, RCT 3...
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    At CFLRS St Jean right now.

    I want to know if any people, if any, dropped out in your course so fair. Are you given much free time to call home or email?
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    Medical just came back..

    Only three weeks to get your medical cleared?  Damn that is fast.  (maybe because you are in Ontario??)  I have my medical/interview on Wedensday... I would consider myself very lucky if I get my medical back and merit listed in Feb. As for your apartment question you can probably live off...
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    Favorite Military Film

    One of the first military films I saw was Saving Private Ryan.  It was than that I realized how massive and brutal the second world war really was.  Totally different experience from reading about it in school. I also really enjoyed Blackhawk Down.  I saw windtalkers and didn't enjoy it too...
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    I got a question about my CF interview this week...

    Awsome replies guys...thanks for the info.  I'm going out tomorrow to take a look at suits, shoes and jackets etc.  If anyone else has anything to add about any of my above questions don't hesitate to inform us.  Wish me luck for Wed. :cdn: