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  1. Old Naval Guard

    Domestic Terrorism/Public Attacks on CAF Personnel

    I wish to express my deep regret and sorrow for the loss of this young solider, from the Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada to his family and regiment :salute: Rest easy brother, from an old  infantry militiaman
  2. Old Naval Guard

    Pattern 82 webbing

    Hello please send list or pics thank you
  3. Old Naval Guard

    Pattern 82 webbing

  4. Old Naval Guard

    Pattern 82 webbing

    Hi.  During most of my military reserve  time I wore Pattern 82 webbing. I have recently put together a set. Hover some items are rather worn out looking.I would like to purchase  items that are new or lightly used Water bottle carrier, butt back etc If any one has stuff they would like to sell...
  5. Old Naval Guard

    tan deu pants

    Hello i am looking for a pair of Tan DEU pants Looking for larger sizes 46 and up.  Also anyone know were they might be purchased for sale thanks ONG
  6. Old Naval Guard

    Esquimalt landmark "The Tudor House" destroyed by fire - 16 July 2013

    So sad to hear, I loved the old Tudor house spent many a time there after work before going home to my apt on Esquimalt rd :(. It was a great place where reg force Navy shad and PPCLI meet Cheers
  7. Old Naval Guard

    colour party

    And the Other pics  :o ;)
  8. Old Naval Guard

    colour party

    While the NZ Naval Party is intresting, Lets look at it from a Canadian perspective. Officers are armed with swords as well as Petty Officers Ratings with service rifles. The first pic is from 1959 retiring the Kings colours, accepting the Queens Colours. The second shows General Allard...
  9. Old Naval Guard

    Size of CF in 1950/1970

    The size of the Canadian Armed Forces in 1970 was 98,200 Officers and all ranks. The Defence cuts were under way, Caused by PM Trudeau,the goal being to reduce the  Canadian Armed Forces to 83,000 all ranks and Canadian Forces Europe was cut from 10,000 personal to 5,000. The Air division being...
  10. Old Naval Guard

    Return of the Army Forage Cap?

    I was looking at pictures of the recent speech to the throne. The GG Honour Guard, mostly Militia had quite a few Forage Caps in the Guard. While understanding these where regimental Items purchased at Nonpublic expense, the officer commanding the guard looked like he was wearing a CF Forage...
  11. Old Naval Guard

    Grizzly and Cougar coming out soon

    Hi GINge, could you let me know when this model(Grizzly) is coming to the Canadian market. This was my wild ride back in my Militia days Thanks in Advance ONG
  12. Old Naval Guard

    The Poppy Selling Superthread- Merged

    You know we are all going through hard times myself included. This is just to low, the Man has no respect, not even for himself. He should be ashamed . When they catch him he should be made to explain to a veteran why he did what he did. With respect ONG
  13. Old Naval Guard

    Canadian World war II Uniform acrutments

    It sounds Pat they are service marks for years in service in WW2. A white one means joining up in 1939, while red ones for every year after that. Or so I have read. Hope that helps ONG Cheers
  14. Old Naval Guard

    RCN Cruisers

    Well that intresting, I never new that there were suppose to be more Tribals. I know that the RCN was suppose to receive a General purpose frigate, that got cancelled in favour of the Tribals. A pity more weren't built. the Tribals and the General Purpose Frigate. Thanks and Cheers Old Naval guard
  15. Old Naval Guard

    Cdn Ship models

    Hey GINge, Would it be possible to post a pic of the ship when shes finished Old Naval Guard
  16. Old Naval Guard

    Your Beer Brand of Choice

    I go for  Stella Artois  and Bud  myself. Find it to be a great beers :cheers: Old Naval Guard
  17. Old Naval Guard

    Old Naval Guard's Random Questions - Canadain Army since WW2

    Thanks  for your reply. its quiet intresting, despite the lessons learned in WW2 about the importance of tactical air support it was allowed to decline by the early 1960s. If running down the Airforce auxiliary squadrons, switching their roles to other than Air tactical, what was the army to do...
  18. Old Naval Guard

    Old Naval Guard's Random Questions - Canadain Army since WW2

    Hi I am sorry if these is not the place for this , I am still kinda feeling my way around Milnet. A question. Since the Seaking is part of the Airforce I was wondering about this Seaking, and the look it was sporting. I know its 443 squadron's.Can anyone shed some light thanks in Advance.  Old...
  19. Old Naval Guard

    Happy 100th to the Canadian Navy

    I wish to add my most  sincene wishes to the Cdn navy 100 Birthday.Bet wishes and Good luck to the next 100 years. Old naval guard
  20. Old Naval Guard

    Cdn Ship models

    Not a bad little model, waterline, good detailing though having checked the price list seems pricey. I was hoping for something just a bit bigger. Still down the road if that All they have. Liked the Oberon class subs  though on his site. Might get one in the future. Thanks for posting Old naval...