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    Early Selection for 3rd Trade

    Hi guys, just some background i’m applying ROTP for AERE, EME, and ENG respectively. I qualified for the early selection for Engineering officer (3rd choice), but I really want to go for AERE. Would I be able to decline the ENG offer and wait for another offer (no guarantee for the other 2...
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    Competition list clarification

    I just logged in and found it at selected, not sure what occupation/trade yet. I am not sure when the offer would be sent out or how to figure out the occupation I was selected for. Going to call in tommorow to my recruiting centre.
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    RMC/ROTP 2024-2025

    Hey! I am also in final processing right now and hope to get in for ROTP-AERE. I was told the selection process starts in January from my recruiting centre. I don’t know what would happen if RMC ceased to exist though but I doubt it will happen anytime soon if they are still taking applications...
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    Clearance question + application process question

    Hey , same boat as you worked at commisionaires and hold a top secret. Spoke to the recruiters and I was told DND clearance is separate from PSWGC Clearance. They will have to start a new clearance and you already holding a clearance has no impact unless it’s already with DND (some sites for...
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    RMC admission

    I’m also an applicant to RMC for 2024 and here is the insight I can provide from conversations with recruiters and research online : 1. RMC has a different standard per program. Check the RMC website for each program and it has a matrix of what trade each degree is eligible for. I’m pretty sure...