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    Our North - SSE Policy Update Megathread

    "Through 2032, the Canadian Armed Forces will focus on building back to its authorized force size of 71,500 Regular Force and 30,000 Primary Reserve Force members, and lay the foundations for future growth" This suggests that any expansion of the CAF authorized strength will happen at some...
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    2022 CPC Leadership Discussion: Et tu Redeux

    It's doubtful Verhoeven even understood the book. He admits to having only read the first two chapters. I have read somewhere that the original script was very similar to the book, but Verhoeven imposed a number of significant changes during development. I think it's fair to say that he failed...
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    Training Development Officer ( TDO )

    Without knowing your exact circumstances it's hard to know for sure. Some PLARs involve multiple qualifications which might be owned by different training agencies. This situation requires that the PLAR go to more than one person. Another possibility is that a PLAR might result in part of a...
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    The Art of Inference

    I don't know about woven baskets; I imagine they would be rare in the archaeological record due to fibre decomposition. As for amphorae, they can be stored in many ways:
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    The Art of Inference

    But would they have actually required bronze, or a saw? Copper usage predates bronze by about two thousand years. In the hands of a skilled user, an axe, or similar copper tools, might be suitable for shaping small pieces of wood into a cup of any particular shape. In fact, it might be possible...
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    The War in Ukraine

    A distinctly Russian version of the Green Transition.
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    Spartan Myth busting

    Most contemporary (ie 5th century) observers probably didn't even consider the "Roman" Empire to have fallen. The Eastern portion of the empire was still intact and would last for another thousand years, and it made several attempts to regain the now Germanic western territories. The "Dark...
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    Base closures?

    Demand low - pump water up a hill. Demand high - release the water down the hill and use it to turn a turbine, generating electricity. It's a net consumer of energy, but it allows you to store energy that otherwise would be wasted (ie solar and wind produced when there is a low demand for it).
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    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    They do; see SERCAT 2 at the link: https://pay-conditions.defence.gov.au/adf-total-workforce-system Not sure how many people they have in this category, but I believe that they automatically send Reg F officers to the reserves upon release.
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    Medical release vs retention?

    Something like 40% of the CAF is yellow or red for their Med Cat. Some of these people are legitimately unfit. Large numbers also have an expired medical, so their real medical condition is somewhat uncertain. HSvcs is rationing PHAs and many in that latter group can't even book a medical unless...
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    Army Reserve Officer

    Several entry standards have been changed in the last 5-6 years. In the case of an applicant interested in joining as a reserve officer under a RESO entry plan, Computer Science is acceptable for all three MOS choices. For michaelayad - education is only one item that determines what is the...
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    To ED&T or not to ED&T

    You will need to talk to your chain of command and explain your situation. You might be able to take a few short blocks of ED&T rather than one long one. If you can parade enough to stay off NES (potentially combined with DLN courses), you shouldn't need to go on ED&T.
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    To ED&T or not to ED&T

    You cannot collect pay and be on ED&T at the same time. Have you checked with your chain of command regarding BMQ course dates? Some reserve units run weekend sessions, but not necessarily starting in the winter months.
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    "With A Few Guns: The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery in Afghanistan Vol 1 2002-2006 - Call for photos

    I just received a copy, looking forward to reading it. Are you still looking for people to interview for the second volume?
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    Part time BMQ - Reserve

    There is a MILPERSGEN directive (it is 5100.1) that covers BMQ equivalencies and expiry dates. My understanding is that if you completed a Reg F BMQ, and then completed DP1 training, your BMQ course is good for life. Reserve BMQs are more complicated, these courses usually expire after set...
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    medical exam and forms

    Some of your processing will still be valid. For example, CFAT scores don't expire. However, the minimum CFAT scores required to get into any given occupation are subject to change, and the recruiting staff will have to verify that your scores still meet the cutoffs. Other aspects of...
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    Hamas invaded Israel 2023

    We do have a mission in Tel Aviv, but we also have one in the West Bank. Op PROTEUS is also mixed up in this mess, and there is a nonzero risk of another Hess-von Kruedener situation. The liaison/security tasks could be linked to those.