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    Transition to Municipal Police Force

    well I doubt there has been any communication same way A CBG won't talk to each other but rather with HQ Ottawa and take on orders. I can't see where municipal provincial police would speak with each other to communicate intel. wish they would though that would be helpful.
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    Post DEC - getting out of the house

    this is great even I might look into this. thank you for sharing this piece of intel.
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    I was rejected for ROTP, now what?

    good for you man, keep it up I wish you the best on your venture of the CAF.
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    I was rejected for ROTP, now what?

    you are a comm's guy I would love to know where you think this fits your advice to a member in front of a computer the way I know you all operate. Is there a Java script there ludoc?
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    I was rejected for ROTP, now what?

    isn't that what I just said? how is that bad advice? get in a trade you like figure the path if being rejected from ROTP? Hurdles in the way? yes of course but that is on the member once in to figure out....objective is only reached once the path ahead is clear in the members mind, IED's along...
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    APSC Date payable?

    Eligibility is after application and approval hence there is no way to counter till there is verified documentation or application stating that. So for example I could break my foot by twisting it on a run but not apply for 10yrs to VA that doesn't mean that if I broke my foot on 1 Jan 2005 but...
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    I was rejected for ROTP, now what?

    Pick a trade apply as a Officer if you don't have a degree Join as a NCM, if you have a degree and then go in on Aero Technical side Aircraft Maintenance or any other Air Force trade just get your foot in the door and then there are numerous opportunities to work your way to what you want in...
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    Tried and Failed but yet Succeeded

    So something I want to share with the Ex and present Military Community and I would really like to get your thoughts on this. I was Reg F for approx 4 yrs and served with LFWA,1 PPCLI then off the 1 SVC Bn, then in 2006 at the height of it all I was pretty done in Edmonton and took a Reserve...
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    What are you listening to/fav type of music

    Blink 182, Neck Deep, Our Lady Peace, Trevor Hall.
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    Transition to Municipal Police Force

    The problem I find with this entire Surrey police force and I have been there a number of times I can't wait to get out of there. Just like Brampton and I have lived there as well so glad I left when I did. The problem that is going to come out of Surrey in a Surrey police force itself is that...
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    Reporting a member unfit for deployment

    14yrs Retired RMS clk thought I would help out where I could.
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    Reporting a member unfit for deployment

    oh maybe I wasn't reading the DTG on the posts will keep a close eye in future not very well adjusted to seeing what is dead when it comes to posts. Who are you? are you asking for my resume?
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    Business Class for TD Travel

    Air Force and Navy always has money for business class
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    Yes especially if you are on TCAT going on to PCAT
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    Service Flights

    Oh man there is a link on the DIN that lays out the entire schedule look for a last year caforgen or Canairgen and search (Christmas service flights schedule) try similar keywords there is always a schedule out and if you can find the Christmas one it will bring you onto the site with current...
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    Reporting a member unfit for deployment

    Well if he's done the BFT and all the remaining Weapons test and all the jazz and meets the DAG requirements then there isn't really a case to say the meter is not fit, but there is always a dialogue to be had with COC for other reasons if there are other reasons., but if DAG requirements are...
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    Business Class for TD Travel

    A bit humorous reading this, in my experience no one is getting business class no matter what, you can pull all the CFTDI's the CFAO's DAOD's small lines that may mean something. Bottom line is we have no money for that ever, even if it's a LCol well maybe a exception in that Rank but in my...
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    Leave Without Pay

    Ya LWOP in the Reg F is very very tough without good reason, the only other option is sick leave if that's a route. I know it's not ideal because the reason maybe different but unfortunately it just doesn't work that way. Unless you're in the Air Force? 😛, but you should really look at the...
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    The most important thing to bring that are not on the list ?

    Thinking back 20yrs now since my BMQ and nothing, I can't think of a single thing that I needed which could have made life easier and anything you think you do need they will probably take during your personal luggage inspection anyways if they still do it.