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  1. catalyst

    "Totally Disabled" - CAF LTD, CPP, IRB

    Generally, with CPP/CPP(D) there is a change to both your pension, and to your CAF-LTD payment (overall amount remains the same but each individual amounts change). Make sure you upload both the CPP amounts, new pension amounts, and new CAF-LTD amounts so your IRB can be recalculated with the...
  2. catalyst

    IRB Fiasco with VAC

    As Kratz said, submit copies of your SISIP/CPP/Pension, etc. If your pay at release was recalculated, likely, they were too, and these new amounts factored into the current calculation. Happens a lot with CPP(D) and CFSA recipients.
  3. catalyst

    My CIC Application Odyssey

    ;) I know.....just making a joke on the lovely ongoing debate about CIC cap badges (which is always fun to watch when it flares up). I found once CFRC was done with what they needed to do, it went very quickly from there.
  4. catalyst

    My CIC Application Odyssey

    Nope because I'm still waiting for my issued cap badge 14 years later ;) Congrats! Hopefully the beginning of the end.
  5. catalyst

    VAC mental health services

    Folks are still coming forward from WWII. This is quite normal - give VAC a call.
  6. catalyst

    My CIC Application Odyssey

    We have been given the same direction in BC.  Those in the process will move - v. slowly but priority is RegF production. No new applications will move forweard.
  7. catalyst

    My CIC Application Odyssey

    apparently - if there's an ERC already done and 'owned' by CFRC, an ERC can't be done by the RCSU (needed for paid CI status). Or so it was sort of explained to me. We've been told no new CIC processing (initial application) and very limited processing if already in the system - as CFRC is...
  8. catalyst

    VR vs 3B (Being told because I have an awarded claim from a SDA I can just VR)

    This^^^ Go talk to the TC folks and then talk to the TC folks on the VAC side (you will probably have to phone them, but the svcs staff can help with that!). You can apply for the VAC rehab program (with a service relationship - which you said you have) and if approved you will receive the 90%...
  9. catalyst

    outgoing Ombudsman slams VAC for its handling of compensation

    Some of us get it (note: not in adjudicator).....100% promoting meaningful, purposeful activity.  With the 20K earnings exemption I've seen an increase in clients working who would not otherwise be capable of working- not necessarily high paying jobs, but something to keep them busy and they're...
  10. catalyst

    Coronavirus Impacts on Recruiting Process etc

    We'll be back when the schools go back. I can see the RCSU's moving mountains to try and get summer training happening but we'll have to wait until May.
  11. catalyst

    CIC Officers Wearing Cap Badge from Former Regiment?

    Worked with one of 'em too - super administrator. At the very least, it was created to make it easier to work with Cadets. The actual execution....not so much.  The more corporate knowledge we can get from the CAF in order to make the program better for the Cadets and to increase the...
  12. catalyst

    CIC Officers Wearing Cap Badge from Former Regiment?

    They're anywhere.  It was created so that those who did not meet U of S (or age) requirements could transfer and support the Cadet program, while remaining in uniform. I've worked with a COATS - GS NCM at the corps level, and a COATS GSO at the regional level.  Previously, they had to be on the...
  13. catalyst

    Being a Good Officer/CI/CV

    - Show up in the right dress, at the right time, in the right place. If you show up in Cadpat and it's the CO's parade with the CO of the AFU attending for the first time and your CO has reminded you 1000 times.......... - You're an adult.  Pay attention and be prepared. - They are kids. Kids...
  14. catalyst

    CIC Officers Wearing Cap Badge from Former Regiment?

    You can CT into a GSO position (general service officer) where you keep your ranks/etc  - so it is possible. Just not applicable to an enrollment in the CIC branch.
  15. catalyst

    CIC Officers Wearing Cap Badge from Former Regiment?

    .....um no. If you are a CIC officer, you wear CIC cap badge and accoutremements However, if you are COATS GSO (General Service Officer), then yes, you would keep your rank accouterments and cap badge. However, it sounds like you are not a COATS GSO, you are enrolling as a CIC officer.
  16. catalyst

    VAC in the News

    I am seeing things go faster - certainly mental health.
  17. catalyst

    Blue Cross Card

    The request has to come from the CAF that you are not in MES. I have found this takes about 2 weeks. If you are 3b, did you apply for the rehabilitation program? Your case manager can address this internally. Send a MVA message.
  18. catalyst

    CIC application time.

    How long is a piece of string? In all fact, it varies just like the Pres/RegF. There are a variety of factors (credit, health, etc) as well as capacity issues at CFRC. I know the RCSU's now have more streamlined recruiting and thus the days of waiting year+ are gone. That said, it does depend...
  19. catalyst

    Earning Loss Benefit ( ELB )

    If all documents for the rehabilitation program have been received, then rehabilitation program decisions are made within 2 weeks. It would very much depend on your individual medical file, but I would recommend calling the 1-866 number and asking.
  20. catalyst

    VAC in the News

    I was a guide for the 95th, and it was crazy. I could only imagine how that would have gone for the 100th.......