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    Ghost Story about siting machine guns

    I'm trying to track down an article I read online many moons ago. It's a ghost story where a platoon (maybe company?) commander, facing an incipient Soviet attack and who has to site his machine guns, is visited by the ghost of a soldier from the WW1 MG Corps who provides advice. Anybody know...
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    Possible Return of 2nd Canadian Division as Reserve Upper-Level HQ

    There are enough challenges as it is trying to keep Reserve Brigade HQs properly manned without adding yet another layer of HQ to train/staff/maintain. I can see the LFC HQs being renamed "Divisions" (after all, that's what they are) but I see no appetite to split off the CBGs to a new HQ...
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    Can anyone suggest a Realtor?

    In a similar vein, references to a Fredericton area realtor would be much obliged. DG
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    Safariland Holsters

    I got mine at DS Tactical; a little pricier but it shipped out the next day. I tried a 6004 and the issue Bianchi flap holster (bad) and the thumbbreak Bianchi (worse!) and there really is no comparison. DG
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    Maple Defender

    One of the side effects of being tasked to the Visits cell was that I got to roam the training area with impunity, watch all the battles on the big God screen back at EXCON, and sit in on the AARs is the "crying room" behind the one-way glass in the theatre. After having seen all the activity...
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    A Question about HEAT

    If you want weapons characteristics, go read tanknet. Once you trim out the Gavin stuff, there's a ton of incredible info there. DG
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    Taliban Jack shares gay pride in Vancouver

    Well, you want to be careful about that. This site (and Facebook, and MySpace, etc etc) is not the mess. It's not private, no matter how much it might seem to be "just us chickens" This is a public site; anybody can come by and read whatever is posted here. Anything you post on the Internet is...
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    Taliban Jack shares gay pride in Vancouver

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? If the issue is "we don't do a good job of selling the mission to the public" (and there is an element of truth to this) we can find better ways to highlight the good we are doing - and that can be apolitical. The truth has no politics. Correction of error is...
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    Taliban Jack shares gay pride in Vancouver

    That's not it at all. As a citizen of Canada, you are allowed to believe whatever you want. That does not change when you put on a uniform. You get to vote your conscience at all times. But as a soldier, you are not allowed to publically express that opinion, because the general public does...
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    I Need Your Opinion Ref: negative feed back from family

    Those things sort themselves out. The doors of opportunity open all over the place, and they take forms that often are inconceivable before the fact. Canada is not full of starving, unemployable former Armoured (and infantry, and artillery etc) officers. Just because you can't imagine, today...
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    I Need Your Opinion Ref: negative feed back from family

    My turn to chime in: 1.    Your first real decision is "Officer or NCO?" If the answer is "Officer", then a university education is essential. There's more than one way to do it, but getting that education is a core part of your career progression - and you will need the study skills, even if...
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    Ottawa to fund relaunch of CMR

    Yay! My Alma Mater is back from the dead! The way things were run Back In The Day was that you did 5 years at CMR vice 4 years at RMC or RRMC. For Quebequois, this was a natural progression as their schooling went high school -> CEGEP -> University where the rest of Canada went high scool ->...
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    All things GPS (recommendations, tips, etc.) - merged

    The Rino does its position-broadcast trick by prepending your location to the front of any radio transmission (including the alert-call alarm) This can be disabled explicitly in the unit, or by turning the radio portion off. DG
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    Best CO Ever. DG
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    Peaceniks Try Direct Mail on Vandoos Destined for AFG

    No, that's way too agressive and paints us in a horrible light. It makes us look like intolerant assholes who punt anybody who doesn't conform to groupthink. This place bans people way, WAY too quickly, and we run the danger of building an idea silo. There is plenty of room for opposing ideas...
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    Peaceniks Try Direct Mail on Vandoos Destined for AFG

    I actually think there is a place in society for these sorts of protest groups. War is the State-sanctioned killing of people by agents of the State, and so it behooves the State to ensure that this is only done against legitimate targets for the best of reasons. Furthermore, in a...
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    More than just the floor - I believe that's 43A (in my day at least) there in the back, with the beard. DG
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    Are you angry yet?

    Atlas, you are quite correct to point this out as a problem, but you've followed this line of reasoning to the wrong conclusions. Armies, like everything else (including NGOs) are human institutions. As such, they make mistakes. And it takes time and effort to recognize mistakes for what they...
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    Peaceniks Try Direct Mail on Vandoos Destined for AFG

    I find it interesting how often this comes up. When confronted with intelligent, passionate, and well-educated soldiers, the common response from the soi disant educated activist community is to accuse these selfsame soldiers as being brainwashed zombies who believe what they believe not...