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    RMC/ROTP 2024-2025

    Yea for sure! Best of luck to you all as well. I know all too well the feeling of scrolling through the threads hoping for some answers.
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    RMC/ROTP 2024-2025

    Actually, the other guy got an offer for RMC st. jean. The federal worker strikes last year had all aircrew medicals delayed. I did my medical at CFEME late april, but couldn't do the ECG cuz the tech was on strike or something. Instead, they coordinated with a private clinic near me to conduct...
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    RMC/ROTP 2024-2025

    This was last year, june-july 2023. I had no idea they'd reopened DEO as it was closed last year. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, I ended up getting a civvy U offer.
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    RMC/ROTP 2024-2025

    For what it's worth, myself and someone I knew both got offers for pilot in JULY. By late june, there were still 20/ 50 pilot spots left.
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    You Want To Be A Pilot : 2018 - present

    Hey! Did you end up getting it?
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    ROTP at Civ U?

    I got my offer for civillian university ROTP for pilot mid july. I had originally put RMC as my prefered choice but then the federal worker strikes happened mid april and one of my phase 2 aircrew medical tests were delayed by over a month (and subsequently my entire application got delayed...