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  1. danteh

    RCMP Info, discussion

    Is the RCMP similar to the CF where there are forced postings or could you stay in the same province your entire career if you'd like to?
  2. danteh

    All Things CF Firefighter (merged)

    When I left the trade about a year ago there was no prospect of spec pay. This is why Snr and Jr members are leaving. Why make 40k a year when you can go civi side and make 80. The trade was red and very red when I left. Some halls were even down to three crews because there wasn’t enough...
  3. danteh

    Contingency Cost Move ( CCM )

    So I've been posted to Ottawa for about 7 months now however due to a child custody court order, my step-son is not allowed to live outside the town I current live in which is 155km away. I work shift work (14-15 days a month) and it takes me three hours minimum of driving to work and back home...
  4. danteh

    Is there any benefits I could be entitled to by being posted away from my spouse

    I am currently on my QL3s and dealing with postings. My wife currently has a court order custody agreement saying she is not allowed to leave the province and has to be within a certain distance from her ex to allow for access to my step-son. I have been attempting to ask to stay in the...
  5. danteh

    MP 360 Baton Holder

    Can anyone let me know what brand and baton size that most MPs use WRT the 360 baton holders.
  6. danteh

    Questions about Marriage in the CAF [Merged]

    Thanks a lot for the information. So just to clarify, not having my spouse living currently with me isn't going to affect me in any way other than my F&E which is fine.
  7. danteh

    Questions about Marriage in the CAF [Merged]

    Just got married and was looking to update my pers file and have a question in terms of adding dependants. My wife and stepson don’t live with me as she has been living with her parents to take of them for the past year and I have my own house. Is it going to be an issue having them as my...
  8. danteh

    The Military Police [MP] Superthread

    I was just about to ask this also. Is there alot of room in the junk closet? Also as a remuster I have been able to take advantage of the beardforgen as I had met my OFP from my previous trade. What are the chances I can keep my beard while on course? My face has never been happier and to get...
  9. danteh

    Combat Boots policy 2018-CANFORGEN 127/18

    With these new regs being activated on the 15th does that mean I can wear my SWATs on my SQ on the 20th without getting in trouble?
  10. danteh

    Soldier Qualification Course (Questions & Answers)

    That's what I thought. Guess my vacation is getting cut short :( Oh well. Thanks a lot. EDIT: Another question... With the new boot CANFORGEN getting activated on the 15th will this allow me to wear non-issued boots while on courses now without any hassle?
  11. danteh

    Soldier Qualification Course (Questions & Answers)

    How does our FORCEs test work in terms of validity? I'm going on SQ and in the joining instructions it says I need a valid FORCEs test. Mine was due July 2018 however I am still yellow on my DAG and not red. Someone mentioned to me that it is good for all of 2018 but I don't really want to take...
  12. danteh

    With regards to the CF is there a difference between SOF and SF?

    I know this is an old post but if anyone was like me and decided to take a look into the Wes Kennedy program just be advised it is $600 a month. Sadly I had to go through the whole process of apply for it and going through the interview to find that out. No doubt it will get you where you need...
  13. danteh

    element change

    I recently accepted a VOT to a purple trade. During my application process with the BPSO I had mentioned to him that I wanted to switch to Army (from Air Force). When I got my VOT message it stated that I was still Air Force and when noticed and asking the BPSO about it he mentioned that he...
  14. danteh

    The Military Police [MP] Superthread

    Well hopefully I'm in the same boat.
  15. danteh

    The Military Police [MP] Superthread

    Yeah. Just like all things CF, communication isn't really on point.
  16. danteh

    The Military Police [MP] Superthread

    Yeah I was told the August course was canceled and they were pushing as many people as they could on the August 20th BMQ-L.
  17. danteh

    Soldier Qualification Course (Questions & Answers)

    Sounds like a plan. Thanks.
  18. danteh

    Soldier Qualification Course (Questions & Answers)

    Been a very long time since I've gone through an army ran course. Going to BMQ-L, what are the chances of me getting jacked up for wearing SWATs? The only other boots I have are the issued side zips.
  19. danteh

    Soldier Qualification Course (Questions & Answers)

    Set to do BMQ-L in Valcartier in August and I have a few questions. The kit list I received seems like a generic kit list including a combination of both summer and winter kit. I have all of the winter whites but mukluks and snowshoes I do not. If supply can't/won't give them to me is it just as...
  20. danteh

    Which Cap Badge to wear?

    Thanks alot. Exactly what I was looking for. Cheers.