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    CADPAT Gear for sale

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    CADPAT Gear for sale

    The following items for sale (Pics avail upon request): -Dropzone CADPAT Smock XL $350 -CP Gear MOFOCR Vest CADPAT with pouches $300, without pouches $150 -OTTE Gear CADPAT Goretex Jacket XL $250 -ICE Tactical Rucksack main bag CADPAT (covered in MOLLE, no pockets but bigger than a Large ALICE...
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    Reserves and the RCMP (and Other Civilian Police)

    In my opinion BRIHARD is about 50% correct here. Most if not all RCMP members that are serving in the PRes are either former PRes or Reg F. That allows them to pick up without loss of quals or sacrifice to their time off....if they are content to stay at their entry rank. I know personally of...
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    Canadian Army organization and equipment in 1980s

    See if you can get a hold of First Clash https://www.amazon.co.uk/FIRST-CLASH-combat-close-up-world/dp/B0012L57B8/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1329565865&sr=8-5 First Clash 1985, Kenneth Macksey.  Kenneth Macksey is an ex armoured core officer who served in WW2, he wrote first clash as a training...
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    All things GPS (recommendations, tips, etc.) - merged

    Garmin Foretrex 401 https://buy.garmin.com/en-CA/CA/on-the-trail/wrist-worn/foretrex-401/prod30026.html Wears like a watch, no fuss no muss! I saw them in the CANEX in Edmonton for about $150.
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    Influence activities

    What do you want to know?
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    Hmmm a young Pl Comd at the Seaforths learned a very important life lesson many years ago...he wouldn't listen to his SNCO's or at least hear their opinions. He spent a very cold weekend exercise in Chilliwack without a sleeping bag that may or may not have been left in the armouries after being...
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    "RCMP set aside criminal investigations to increase counter-terrorism"

    Brihard- That 20 year contract has an opt out clause of 3 years notice, if the LMD municipalities are not happy with the Force....put in place due to the manpower shell game and communications issues encountered over the last few years. D&B- The SS (yes that is what it was called) was replaced...
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    Civilians complaining about Police/Emergency Services' Pay

    Rules changed in Feb of 2007, myself and JH lobbied for 7 years to have the rules changed. Gen Hillier saw the sense in it and made the change.
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    "RCMP set aside criminal investigations to increase counter-terrorism"

    You can also factor in that over 35% of the Force has 24 and a day....two bad days and the institutional knowledge has the ability to walk!
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    RCMP union bid headed to Supreme Court

    The MPPA is pushing for Collective Bargaining and Binding Arbitration. This change in labour relations will be good for all members, we will no longer be the Zellers of policing. The pay council report that was recently released was scathing....yes we are cost effective, because we get paid less...
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    On Guard 90 and the 'Super Master Corporal's' Training Course

    Hmmmm, D&B was my OC on that EX....This is awkward I think we may have been responsible for some of those incidents! D&B wasn't that the EX where you threw yourself on the wire obstacle?
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    On Guard 90 and the 'Super Master Corporal's' Training Course

    I was On Guard 90, It wasn't just an Ontario MO Ex. I was on the Western one in Wx, it was a standard MilCon style Ex with about 4 days of stand Trg and a 2 or 3 day FTX. I still have a US style shoulder patch we were issued as members of the 12 Militia Strike Bn......I don't know who made this...
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    Improved Combat Uniform

    http://www.armytimes.com/article/20140812/NEWS07/308120054/Changes-your-combat-uniform Here is a link to the article.....wouldn't want leave the rumour unsourced!
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    Improved Combat Uniform

    There was a post on here not so long ago about the U.S. Army blouse that our new Cbt shirt is based on. It seems that the majority of improvements that we are adopting ( collar, Velcro, cut) has been binned by the yanks and they are going to redesign the shirt. :facepalm:
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    I am a CAF member & I want better pay and benefits (a merged thread)

    DAP thanks for the clarification. I have 15 years with the Force and over 27 in PRes service and I am already planning my exit at 24 and a day from the Force. I previously elected to buy back 5 years of Class B (a) and Class C service and will go at 24 and a day with 30 years of pensionable...
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    I am a CAF member & I want better pay and benefits (a merged thread)

    Quick question for you DA, how does an RCMP pension fit into the mix? Can you do 25-35 with the RCMP, then get out and work a number of full time years Class B on top of (by that time almost 30 years) Class A? Just thinking about retirement job options post RCMP. Cheers Noneck
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    CANFORGEN on Pay and PIL

    So if a svc mbr did not receive the PIL for say a year....are they not then disadvantaged by not being able to have collected that interest on the principal ,which their brothers and sisters who have been paid out were able to? Is this not grievable? My civvy job (Also Fed) was able to pay out...
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    CADPAT/Tan/OD Gear, Pouches and Rucks

    It's a Kifaru Zulu G2 in Coyote Brown. Very lightly used.
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    CADPAT/Tan/OD Gear, Pouches and Rucks

    Not a chance.....this side of the Rockies we still dress like a band of pirates, just like our Hootbag brethren on the Island! Merely trying to return the garden shed to its proper function by getting rid of some kit.