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  1. sidemount

    Old olive drab uniforms

    So I was going through so old boxes and found some old olive drab uniforms and webbing Any supply folks, am I good to toss this stuff? Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  2. sidemount

    Who Uses Mortgage Forces

    So my mortgage is coming up for renewal and I'm looking through all the banks interest rates. I've seen that Mortgage Forces is a sponsor on this page and their rates seem much better than the banks. I'm just curious if there is anyone on the board that uses them and how their service is. I'm...
  3. sidemount

    NDA reference

    I've had a look through the site and some range standing orders but I can't seem to find the reference. We've all heard the line "its an offence to remove ammo from a CAF range".....but what is the offence, I can't seem to find something suitable in the NDA either. Anyone have a specific...