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    Still searching for son......

    Anyone having ANY knowledge of the where-abouts of Carmen Barbier(MacIntosh) or her son Marcus, I would greatly appreciate any info. Marcus was born 1979 in Lahr W\Germany. Carmen married Alec MacIntosh, also of 1-RCHA. Last known location, Petawawa, Ontario... Thanks. Paul.
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    Tax returns while in the CAF

    I'm in need of my Tax Returns from 77, 78, 79. I was in Lahr, W\Germany at that time. I can't recall how we did our tax returns in the military. Would Ottawa have records there as they do with all civilian tax returns? Thanks for any help. Paul
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    Obtaining Medical records:

    Would anyone know how I go about obtaining my Militray Medical records? I also saw Veteran's Affairs doctors and would like to get my file from them as well. Any help greatly appreciated. CAF 1975-1981
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    Looking for Info on Alex MacIntosh's family...etc.

    If anyone can tell me what happened to Alex's family after re-patting to Canada around 83-84 I'd be very thankful. Carmen was his wife Marcus....Carmen's son from Germany And he had another son I believe... Thanks...
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    Ed Lamerioux...Anyone?

    Anyone know the where-abouts of Ed Lamerioux...Not sure if thats the right spelling. He was in Lahr 76-80 if I recall. 1-RCHA type.. Thanks.
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    Looking for: Alec MacIntosh or his wife, Carmen..

    Lahr, 1-RCHA 76-80.....I last heard he re-patted to Nova Scotia....Carmen Barbier was his wife's maiden name, she had a son named Marcus. Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks. Paul..
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    Looking for Alec MacIntosh..

    Hello: I'm looking for any information on Alec McIntosh. We were in Lahr W\Germany together between the years of 1976-80. 1 RCHA..I was in C Bty. He was B Bty I believe. Any, and I do mean any information would be greatly appreciated, thank you. Paul.... Go Gunners!!
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    Was I wronged?

    Hey there. Ex-Gunner..75-81. In 1981 after my return to Camp Shilo Manitoba from Lahr Germany I was told I had 6 months till my medical release kicked in. I was shocked. There was no warning, other than a medical condition that had been on going since my enlistment. The reason for my release...
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    Paul Gillman seeking old friends.

    Hey. RCHA from 75-82........While in Lahr W\Germany I made a ton of friends, military and civilian. Im looking for any information on Carmen Barbier... Also Alex MacIntosh also a Artyman from Lahr. I was in C BTY in Lahr and Air Defence BTY in Shilo Man. I would love to hear from you if my...