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  1. chowchow1

    Some general Navy questions

    Hey there,   Gathering all the info I can, so that on my OT going through I can be prepared. So, here are a few randoms: 1: As a Sgt, what will my leadership courses translate into in the Navy?  I know I will go down to LS when I OT, but will my PLQ-I hold up, or will I have to do a Navy PLQ...
  2. chowchow1

    ships diver course and quals

    Hey all,   Putting in my OT to naval electrician and am looking at the eventual goal of completing the ships diver course. I have my basic open water, so I know I love to dive, and would really like to take this to the next level. Also, I would like to find a qualification that I can translate...
  3. chowchow1

    For Sale: Foreign military uniforms

    Well, I have decided to lighten the load in my closet, and since it is stacked full of uniforms from around the world, Ill start there. I can provide photos if requested, but want to see if there is interest before taking all the time to put them up here. All uniforms are new, unless otherwise...