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    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    I'd hope not, as I don't consider making fun of initiatives to make the CAF a more inclusive place for all, humorous.
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    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    I guess your appreciation and cognitive capacity wrt respect is equal to all the GOFO's who have touchy-touchy problems.
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    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    I'm vividly aware the post hinged on sarcasm, that's the point. By making "did you just assume my gender" jokes every time someone makes a gender based comment, it takes away the seriousness of the initiatives we're currently operating under to bring a bit of professionalism and respect into...
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    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    This is some 2nd year Pte level of humor, for your sake I hope you actually are that young. While many have been quite overzealous with their demands for inclusion and being referred to a certain way, responding to a run of the mill comment which uses she with that level of outburst is pretty...
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    OFP timelines for CANSOF

    You're probably SOL then. The VOT-U CANFORGEN typically drops same time of year as the others, and right in the CANFORGEN it states that an applicant shall not be removed from trg until they accept an offer. For any OT application this year, an offer would not arrive until spring 2022. The only...
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    OFP timelines for CANSOF

    This is the important bit, are you untrained or have you reached OFP in your current trade? If you've reached your OFP in your current trade, and are looking to apply to another then you're bound to whatever TOS you agreed to upon entering your current trade. Sounds like they have a 3 year...
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    CANSOFCOM Reserves

    If by training in Ottawa you mean SOAC, absolutely not. The only reserve position for Assaulters are filled by veterans of the unit who have corporate knowledge to impart, a new member who's reservist would have very little to contribute.
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    SAR Pilots

    SAR pilots are made up of fixed wing multi engine stream pilots. So while you're unlikely to deploy in a SAR capacity, the likelihood of being posted to a transport unit is quite high and they're operating outside the country on a near continuous basis in some capacity.
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    Application from Reservist to JTFF2

    Old club, old rules. It is woefully inadequate and gauge water comfort and competency, so I urge anyone interested to not take that as the level required.
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    Am I too old, unfit or uncertain?

    Joining the infantry now and at your age just seems like a recipe for disappointment. Sure there are opportunities for cool courses if you do well, but at the end of the day, it's still just training. Combine that with dealing with the sort of nonsense guys in garrison get put through just to...
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    Leave Administration - Op LASER

    This thread reminds me of Matt Damon's character communicating with robots in Elysium. Sorry, humanoid....but, life's, not, fair.
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    Application from Reservist to JTFF2

    Assaulter canforgen was 043/20 this year.
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    Application from Reservist to JTFF2

    So long as you show up and put out, the "encouragement" or discouragement is going to be pretty neutral and very clinical. They don't need to tell you that you're not cut out, the monumental physical and mental challenges will have those unfit weed themselves out, or you'll find out at the end...
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    Application from Reservist to JTFF2

    Because the system allows it, it encourages those incl Pte's to try out. Yup, the biggest hurdle for CANSOF employment has always been mbrs de-selecting themselves. The biggest detractors or naysayers either never had the heuvos to tryout themselves, or they failed and have a bad attitude...
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    All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    I would rather these sorts of messages be distributed simultaneously through social media and DWAN/CANFORGEN/email. I found out about through Instagram several hours prior to my CoC telling me anything, and I'm certainly not at the bottom of the totem pole.
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    Children and contact sports- split from FORCE

    The discussion was regarding contact in team sports, where multiple children get together and crash into each other. If you think stating facts regarding the potential harm done by exposing children to concussion encroaches on a parents right to parent their children then I'm sorry you cannot...
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    Children and contact sports- split from FORCE

    And I never suggested you're practicing getting them, but they're an unavoidable part of contact sport no matter how well you train to connect with other players properly. It's only "crucial" because you create an environment where contact is necessary, remove that requirement and that so called...
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    Female Dropped From USAF Special Ops Course

    Are you actually trying to suggest heir course is in any way easy with the comment "its the USAF"? The AF SOF pipelines are hellishly long as start off sprinting.
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    Daily wear - Work Dress vs Operational dress [Split from Sleeves up]

    History is riddled with poor ideas we've since progressed away from.
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    C20 Semi-aut Sniper System

    A semi-auto that was tested to an accuracy of 0.66 moa is going to be limited to accuracy of the ammo we feed it, not the inherent accuracy of the platform itself. There is negligible accuracy drop-off from switching to semi's, the real loss in ballistic performance is in velocity.