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  1. Bluebulldog

    New Ontario Government 2018

    Actually. The LA model ( and indeed other similar cities) works quite well from a representation standpoint. A councillor is the one that actually attends the meetings where things are tabled and voted on. However, they aren't always the ones dealing with the faces. There are a number of...
  2. Bluebulldog

    New Ontario Government 2018

    This is the crux of much of this debate. It's not necessarily the amount of bodies......it's what they effectively do. Several smaller municipalities cited in earlier posts actually have part time councillors. ( Not every municipal councillor job is a full time gig). Several municipalities...
  3. Bluebulldog

    The Blood Pressure Superthread

    Currently going through the PRes Re-Enrollment process here in Ottawa. Fit test went fine, medical was fine except elevated blood pressure (141/86). Which wouldn't come down after 5 mins of quiet resting. Now I've always been classes as pre-hypertensive, but never an issue ( I'm 45). This was...
  4. Bluebulldog

    Illegal Border Crossing into Canada - Asylum Seekers

    Given the fact that many are being housed in college dorms, with the clock ticking, and no real alternative identified as to what happens in a few weeks when students are going to want the room they paid for, I'd say that assertion has merit.
  5. Bluebulldog

    Illegal Border Crossing into Canada - Asylum Seekers

    Correct. Much of the housing issue in Toronto was created by his father in the early 70s....
  6. Bluebulldog

    Soviet Tank Graveyard in Ukraine article

    Just general interest, thought it was neat. http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/462850/Amazing-pictures-of-hidden-Soviet-tank-graveyard-in-Ukraine-taken-by-plucky-teenager
  7. Bluebulldog

    Pets During Deployment?

    I'm more surprised that a potential member is looking at joining, and his first concern is who will take care of his pets? Hmmm....let me see if I recall that one. "Yeah, I was going to join the army, but you know....no one would have looked after my animals, so I basically said "no...
  8. Bluebulldog

    Pets During Deployment?

    I was just going to suggest you put them all in the same room.....it would eventually sort itself out....
  9. Bluebulldog


    Since I've been on here for a few years, and just saw this thread, I thought I'd chime in. Harris Lodge #216 here. aequitas, funny thing about the Lodge, I discussed with someone at length before. They had it suggested that in years gone by, the lodge essentially ran the major police forces...
  10. Bluebulldog

    Armed Forces Consider incentives to keep soldiers fit

    http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/armed-forces-considers-incentives-to-keep-soldiers-fit-1.2602857 "Most soldiers are passing new fitness test, but military wants them to strive for higher standards" Interesting read. Funny how getting the level that gave you a pass for two years was said to be...
  11. Bluebulldog

    How to deal with people in clothing stores etc.

    Boots to a new Private are very important, regardless of shortcomings within the supply chain. You will also soon be on courses out in the field where you will not only need those boots, but will also need a change.... Let me assume that you have been parading thus far in your wet weather...
  12. Bluebulldog

    Stabbings in Toronto and Pensylvania

    ...beat me to it.
  13. Bluebulldog

    Canada's First Nations - CF help, protests, solutions, etc. (merged)

    That might explain why the guy was lousy at accounting.
  14. Bluebulldog

    Canada's First Nations - CF help, protests, solutions, etc. (merged)

    Someone I was speaking with asked where he could apply for a job like that. I asked him if he saw who he had to sleep with the get the job........ ......There just isn't enough alcohol or therapy to reconcile that image in a damaged brain.
  15. Bluebulldog

    Canada's First Nations - CF help, protests, solutions, etc. (merged)

    Let's not ignore that in the face of obvious financial mis-management, and possibly inappropriate accounting practices...another band gave the boob a job doing the exact same thing.  :facepalm:
  16. Bluebulldog

    Most Canadians can't identify the war during which Canadians fought at Vimy

    We as a society, should be very much ashamed....
  17. Bluebulldog

    Canada's First Nations - CF help, protests, solutions, etc. (merged)

    Not quite what the book says...but then again...I guess they have more experience at it.... ;)
  18. Bluebulldog

    Canada's First Nations - CF help, protests, solutions, etc. (merged)

    I stand corrected. However if you read the language, the only way CMHC will issue loan on reserve lands is if it is in fact guaranteed by the First Nation, and backed by a fund set up for just that purpose. Seems to me by reading the language set out, that they are not actually guaranteeing...
  19. Bluebulldog

    Canada's First Nations - CF help, protests, solutions, etc. (merged)

    Sadly, it won't. No one is going to guarantee a mortgage on Native land without checks and balances in place. I doubt CMHC would touch it with a 10' pole, unless they were compelled under an act of parliament to do so. Let's just look at the reserves as a total different geography, shall we...