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  1. 62RHLI

    Plotters to calculators to computers, when did it happen?

    I'll be heading out on my Phase 3 Arty this summer, and can't seem to get an answer as to how to prep in anyway regarding gun data computing/plotting. What system of calculation will we be doing? I've zero experience with MAPS or IFCCS however feel slightly disadvantaged as some guys will...
  2. 62RHLI

    Preparing for ARTY DP1.1

    Hello Army.ca! I've just finished my CAP this summer and should be doing my DP1.1 Artillery Troop Commanders Course next summer. I was hoping some of you could point me (or any of my other gunner friends who just finished CAP) in the right direction as to prepare or do any work up for the...
  3. 62RHLI

    ROTP 2011-2012

    Anyone attending Queens University this September who is in for ROTP? Second question, anyone doing ROTP who did cadets or has their wings? Hope to see some of you in Kingston! Congrads to all those who made the selection process! I guess we'll all be doing Bullsh-- fundamental training in...
  4. 62RHLI

    Parachutist wings from cadets on my PRes or RegF uniform

    My apologies!  :facepalm:
  5. 62RHLI

    Parachutist wings from cadets on my PRes or RegF uniform

    You have to do a short "Refresher" if you haven't jumped within 72 days of your last jump. Rules we were told as of July/August 2009 at CFLAWC, CFB Trenton.
  6. 62RHLI

    ROTP 2011-2012

    Just got the call 4 weeks ago that I was accepted for Civi U as an Artillery Officer at Queen's University for Arts. Any other ROTP accepted students going to Queen's here? If so, see you in September!