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  1. Gobsmacked

    Worldwide Submarine Threat

    I'm sure the Politicians Hot Air will continue to protect our Arctic waters with a 'heat shield'.  :gloomy: While prepared with a Canadian Focus, this 8 page 'cover focus' article clearly shows that the western nations need to take heed of the requirement for a renewed focus on ASW assets...
  2. Gobsmacked

    Welcome to Canada: Here are the new rules or C-17s and how I Hate Disinformation

    Here comes yet more Tory Disinformation! Remarkably similar to Liberal Spin. From Thursdays NP [http://www.nationalpost.com/related/topics/story.html?id=2212201 ] 'CITIZENSHIP RESPONSIBILITIES' In Canada, rights come with responsibilities. These include the following: OBEYING THE LAW One of...
  3. Gobsmacked

    Canadian CAMAA & the 'Shut-out' BC-17X

    Hi Globesmasher, Been cursorily following the discussion and I saw you mentioned something on Feb 1 that was not followed up on. I tried a PM, but that darned function never seems to work for me when I try sending a member a message - it can't find them. A private company's bid lost because...
  4. Gobsmacked

    signed-off MGS SOR v5 - UNCLASSIFIED

    Project File No 300000731-300 'MGS SOR (Mobile Gun System - Statement of Operational Requirements)' Highliights [One of the few SOR to be written to Exactly fit a piece of equipment - and if thats not enough, due to well known problems - such as Autoloader, well lets reassess so that it still...
  5. Gobsmacked

    Will we be an Army that can see all but do nothing about it?

    aMaj, I borrowed this from the noted thread, edited (one of my talents) and cleaned it up to be easily readable as very applicable to your comments. HOW TECHNOLOGY FAILED IN IRAQ By David Talbot, November 2004 'Technology Review'. U.S. commanders in Qatar and Kuwait enjoyed 42 times the...