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  1. ajp

    Leave Pass Response Time

    If a leave pass is created in monitor mass, and the staff are named properly, up to approving, there’s no reason a leave pass can’t be approved same day. I review mm daily when I’m in the office and check email accordingly.
  2. ajp

    The wedge cap / Le calot

    I'm army.  My first though...as an officer cadet,.lyoull wear what you're told.  But for any event, the order of dress is stated.  Don't worry, you'll wear what everyone else is wearing.
  3. ajp

    What knife would you recommend?

    This reminds me of my Grandmothers old paring knives.  She sharpened them so often that the blades looked a lot like this.  Perhaps at the time you were given it it had already been worn down.
  4. ajp

    Canadian Forces Junior Officer Development Programme (CFJOD)

    I completed MOSC and AJOSQ in the past.  I was granted the Staffing Mod this week...CFJOD complete.  I blew through the History Mod and and seeing I only had Staffing to do I  asked that Staffing be PLAR'ed.  Done.
  5. ajp

    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    I found it funny that you think we believe PEI has a Grade 7.  >:D ;D
  6. ajp

    What is a Veteran?

    Personally...land just my opinion....if you have a cd, automatic vet.  I'd you have a tour....yup....a vet.  BMQ....kinda shy of vet status.  My opinion. 
  7. ajp


    It shows during happy hour, not usually after.  Lol.  I have a great party trick related to writing. .gnitirw ot detaler
  8. ajp

    Release Item 5F - Questions Release or Reenrollment (Merged)

    The eloquence of what I thought, vs what hit the page, differ.  I stand embarrassed.  Withdrawn. 
  9. ajp

    How to get family on board

    Family matters.  My dad was thrilled when I joined.  My mom supported my decision.  My godmother was appalled.  You can't please everyone.  You have to please yourself.  ....folk song potential.  But really, make a moral decision.  Grab your self hard and decide. 
  10. ajp

    Officers…only desk jobs?

    Thanks goose....li get eloquent once in a while.
  11. ajp

    Allergies in the CAF 2003 - 2015 [Merged]

    Ask the medics.  No one here can say for certain that you will pass.  Step up.  And ask.
  12. ajp


    I'm Mildly dyslexic.  I can read great, lotr rocks, and have had issues in the past.  Two bachelor degrees later.  All ok.  I'm a capt 9.  Lol...time in and a tour later.  This isn't saying it's all good to go.  But if you pass testing, and are found effective, carry on. But don't ever think...
  13. ajp

    Occupational and Component Transfers (OT/CT/VOT) During and After BMQ (Merged)

    Eits....I love learning more about you very post.  You rock.  Just sayin
  14. ajp

    Parading for the first time during BMQ

    Ack that.  Just bring what you are told.  Kit list to the letter.  Polish what you're told to.  Keep it clean.  Obey.  And enjoy.  Stress is ok.  Bohica
  15. ajp

    BMQ Febuary 10th 2014 - QMB le 10 Février 2014

    Good luck to you all, remember...this forum is monitored by pers at all levels...ie...I was reading your comments to my clerk.  We looked up your info.  We know all about your course.  All I'm saying is.  Be good. Enjoy your course. But be good on line.  Don't post junk. 
  16. ajp

    Officers…only desk jobs?

    Every officer has different experience. Quite literally. I was pres.  I am regs.  I'm at a desk today.  Yup a tour...at a desk.  Great friends have more field time.  Other friends have never deployed on tour.  There's no one course or path.  No debate here.  Normal career path isn't normal. 
  17. ajp

    BMQ / BMOQ - Personal Electronics during course [MERGED]

    If you have anything illegal on your device, and get coughs, you will suffer the consequences.  Leave your junk at home.  Get through your course without the junk.  I know of a guy that lent his buddy his laptop.  He went to prison for what they found on it.  Literally.  Why did he even bring...
  18. ajp


    Perhaps during training you will have to be flexible, once you are trained and working, you will find the flexibility you need.  I know a few Muslim officers and members, you will be fine.  See if a local Muslim member can help you out.  Good luck and happy times.
  19. ajp


    Calling it Discrimination is not appropriate I am certain.  The Sergeant Major has his priorities.  Just because you didn't get the choice you wanted doesn't mean he's not taken your choice into consideration.  It just means he said no.