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  1. LJ15

    Special Service Medal - Domestic Operations Bar

    Petition e-4321 (National defence and military operations) has been published and is open for signature at this address. Petition e-4321 - Petitions Petition to the Associate Minister of National Defence Whereas: Members of the Canadian Armed Forces deploy annually on Operations Palaci...
  2. LJ15

    The Manly Thread

    I spent an afternoon last week walking on Manly Beach in Australia (Awesome waves!!)
  3. LJ15

    RCHA Reunion Thread 1970's- 1980's-Come One, Come All

    FYI The Artillery website is just in the process of being updated. The discussion forum is still in its early stages with very light traffic. However, you may want to register there as well.  www.artillery.net
  4. LJ15

    24th annual Conference of Defence Associations Institute (CDAI) Seminar

    Maybe the Maple Leafs are looking to emphasize the "General" in General Manager...........
  5. LJ15

    The Spam and Scam Superthread- Merged

    For the best in the art of "scamming the scammers" one must view Gilbert Murray's website at  http://www.scambuster419.co.uk/index.html. A true work of art!!!
  6. LJ15

    Reserves and their role in the big picture

    In addition, one could go with the Army Reserve role as published by the previous CDS that stated: In the context of The Army purpose: “Made up of Regular and Reserve (Militia) components, the Army’s primary purpose is to defend the nation and, when called upon, to fight and win in war.” (CFP...
  7. LJ15

    (USAF) Sergeant In Trouble For Playboy Spread

    And then we have the American Legion using a similar marketing commodity to show their support for the troops "Support our Hospitalized Veterans" http://www.pinupsforvets.com/index.html Is this proper? I wouldn't dare to demean this site with the link to the marketing splash that the Swiss Army...
  8. LJ15

    Beccy Cole Supports the Diggers

    Anyone know of a Canadian artist that has done anything similar?
  9. LJ15

    W5 tonight

    Available on-line at: http://www.ctv.ca/wfive