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  1. xFusilier

    Time to invest in more CAF logistics?

    Chris: I apologize for not quoting the specifInc parts of your post that I am responding to: When suggesting that we buy off the shelf and then modify via a second contractor you fail to take into account that this no necessitates two procurement process from RFP through to purchase and...
  2. xFusilier

    CFB Edmonton Saddle Club

    Not a member but here  http://www.cg.cfpsa.ca/cg-pc/Edmonton/EN/RecreationandLeisure/Clubs/Pages/SaddleClub.aspx is the link from Edmonton PSP's website.
  3. xFusilier

    unknown medal

    Tp could stand for Township.  It would explain the use of The before abbreviation.
  4. xFusilier

    Junior Canadian Ranger Training

    I currently work in the JCR programme. The JCR website does a pretty good job of outlining the nuts and bolts of the programme:  www.jcr-rjc.ca The overarching national policies are the Junior Canadian Ranger Administration and Training Orders (JCRATO's) which should be available on the DWAN. ...
  5. xFusilier

    Primary Leadership Qualification Course (PLQ) Mega thread

    The last direction we received on musicians, from the ATC Stds Cell, was that they do CF PLQ.  As for trying to find a national listing of CF PLQ courses, I've been looking for weeks and have yet to find one.
  6. xFusilier

    Role of Officer vs job of NCM [Merged]

    Under the Reserve Entry Scheme Officer - you are not eligible to enlist unless you are in the first year of a degree granting program and they must maintain their enrollment until they have completed their classification training.  This will take at least until their second year of training.  I...
  7. xFusilier

    Role of Officer vs job of NCM [Merged]

    Firstly a disclaimer here - I'm not a G1 guy, but I am involved in the individual training system and have been in the Reserve Army for the past 20 years Reserve Army Officers that enroll with a university degree are enrolled at 2Lt. Those that do not have a degree but are enrolled in a post...
  8. xFusilier

    Primary Leadership Qualification Course (PLQ) Mega thread

    The current DL Package for PLQ covers material from modules 2, 4 and 5 duration is 10 training days.  In order to complete Mod 2, however you need to attend the residency portion.
  9. xFusilier

    Monitor Mass

    Its in the readiness and accomplishments window there's two icons which appear to resemble a LAV.  One gives current qualifications and the other gives the qualification history.
  10. xFusilier

    A Canadian White Ensign proposal

    Unification had a cross board effect, on the three armed services.  To state that the consequences of unification for the army were simply the transfer of the Cdn Guards to the Supplementary Order of Battle, and the striking to nil strength of the two Regular Force Battalions of the Black Watch...
  11. xFusilier

    RMC Officer Sues to Avoid Saluting, Toasting Queen?

    Well if it is of any small consolation, he'll have slightly less money to bugger off with as he is stuck paying the crowns legal bills, as his case was dismissed with costs to the crown
  12. xFusilier

    Proper protocol for Officer Cadets

    Any BMQ I've taught were we have had ladies or gentlemen as candidates, the course officer grabs them on day one and explains the facts of life to them (as well as the instructors for whom this is a new experience).    Generally referring to them as Mr/Ms/Mrs _____ has kept me out of the CSM's...
  13. xFusilier

    Chile's General Pinochet 'dead' (BBC News)

    It'll never happen if for no other reason that on this very site: http://forums.army.ca/forums/threads/21566.0.html that berets have more of a certain je ne sais quoi than forage caps, among other reasons.
  14. xFusilier

    Name This Photo!!! - The AFV Recognition Thread

    Mortar Self-Propelled, Godless Communist for the Use of; Sory but given the nature of the picture I thought it only fair that I hijack the thread and try to fly it to Cuba.
  15. xFusilier

    Infantry in Halifax

    Frankie, I am currently in the PLF and can answer questions that your employee might have.  We are a little short on the ground in terms of SNCO's due to TF 1-07.  I would advise him however, to go in and speak with our recruiting officer who is a CFR'd Sgt and as such can engage in one stop...
  16. xFusilier

    Passport Issues

    The DAOD's don't say a full time officer can sign, did you even bother to read the thing? The Ontario Evidence Act states that an officer of the CF, on full time service is de jure a Commisioner of Oaths.  So if someone at the passport office rejects you application there are in violation of the...
  17. xFusilier

    Passport Issues

    An officer on [b]full time service[/b is usually deemed to be a commisioner of oaths for any province, this may vary as to rank, some Provincial Acts, may require that the officer administering the oath, or swearing the afadavit be a senior officer.  DAOD 7000-1 refers. 
  18. xFusilier

    The Army Reserves - Annapolis Valley

    Take the New Ross Road all the way to Kentville turn left onto the main drag.  Turn right at the Cornwallis Hotel, past the Courthouse and over the bridge.  Follow the road to the Lanzy Road (just after the Esso Station) and turn left.  Go down the road for about 5 minutes (if that) and you will...
  19. xFusilier

    106mm Recoilles Rifle

    CLASS - cant remember what the acronym stood for.
  20. xFusilier

    Can you recognize this rifle?

    My mistake, little bit of dyslexia there I'm forever getting Mark and Number mixed up.