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  1. stealthylizard

    OCdt Speaks at Freedom Rally

    You wouldn't salute an officer cadet anyways, they have not yet been commissioned.  They are theoretically below the rank of private as it was explained to me during BMQ, but they should still be given the respect due to an officer as they will become your superior when they finish BMOQ. I'm...
  2. stealthylizard

    Part-Time Employment, but Full-Time Training

    Interestingly, I learned more drill as an army cadet than I did in the Reserves and the Regular Force combined, even without having attended CLI-Drill and Ceremonial as a cadet.
  3. stealthylizard

    Basic training and beyond

    There is a standard to be met in everything you do in the military.  They won't give up on you, if you don't give up on yourself.  Meet the standard, exceed it, and you will never have any problems.  Come physically prepared.  There no "less worthy" positions in the military.  Every job has its...
  4. stealthylizard

    Politics in 2016

    Equalization is funded by general taxation.
  5. stealthylizard

    PMJT: The First 100 Days

    There was quite a bit of pipeline work done while Harper was prime minister, at least for natural gas.  The economy was good, prices were decent, companies and people were spending money.  That isn't the case right now.  Three years ago at this time of the year I was working an average of 40...
  6. stealthylizard

    Firearms - The US Discussion Thread

    Yep, that Obama wants to go around and grab everyone's guns which is proved by all the gun control legislation that has been passed under his administration, which by my last count is ZERO.  Gun rights have actually increased under the infamous gun hater. This could be because nothing would...
  7. stealthylizard

    BMQ Reserves 2010 - 2017

    1) Ask your unit. I would personally try to go.  If you attend, you get paid. and you might learn stuff, even if its not the fun stuff. 2) Depends on what you consider stressful. I did a summer BMQ years and years ago (1996) and I didn't find it that bad.  I have never done a weekend BMQ...
  8. stealthylizard

    PMJT: The First 100 Days

    Each pipeline has its own right-of-way.  A new right-of-way is required for a new pipeline.  You can't put a new pipeline in an existing right-of-way while that right-of-way still contains a pressurized pipeline (generally).
  9. stealthylizard

    CANSOFCOM Career goals. infantry or medical technician is right for me?

    I'm pretty sure this question has been answered before.  CSOR and JTF2 are open to all trades and elements, for support roles and operators.  Medics can be operators, infantry can be support.
  10. stealthylizard

    Joining the Army right after high school

    Echoing what everyone is saying about getting an education while you are young.  Do it while your high school learning is still fresh.  I am taking grade 11 math in college as a 37 year old, and my brain doesn't remember taking 75% of this stuff.
  11. stealthylizard

    Oregon College mass shooting - 10 killed

    This school wasn't a gun-free zone.  If you had a conceal carry permit, you were legally permitted to be armed, and there have been reports that there were armed students present.
  12. stealthylizard

    Picture frames @ BMQ (yes, enough for a merged topic)

    Bring your 4x6.  Cut a 4x6 hole in a piece of paper.  Cut the paper to fit in the frame.  Tape the picture to the hole, and stick it in the frame.
  13. stealthylizard

    The Defence Budget [superthread]

    By the time the equipment is acquired, the mission is over. That's the problem I see with "let the mission dictate the acquisition of equipment."  Or is that the essence of it?  If you don't have the equipment for a mission, the military can't be used for any missions, which results in cost savings.
  14. stealthylizard

    Alberta Election (2015)

    It doesn't really matter what percentage of people voted for the right wing.  Our electoral system is not based on the popular vote.  Why did 50% vote for the right wing parties?  Did they want 4 more years of PC entitlement, or 1 or 2 or 3 years because the fixed election dates sure didn't...
  15. stealthylizard

    Infantry Reserves DP1 [MERGED]

    Yep tell them no winter gear, then pull a change parade that includes winter gear.  >:D
  16. stealthylizard

    The Khadr Thread

    Yes, i left off the rest of the elements of GCIII, because it wasn't relative to the discussion, since all the elements have to be met, not one or two of them to be protected under the conventions.  I admit my lack of knowledge on what changed with the additional protocols. Sorry, I had to not...
  17. stealthylizard

    The Khadr Thread

    The Pentagon delayed issuing a 281-page manual laying out commission rules until the eve of the hearing. The reason, officials say, is that government lawyers had been scrambling to rewrite a section about murder because it has implications for the C.I.A. drone program. -...
  18. stealthylizard

    The Khadr Thread

    Blackwater personnel killed 17 Iraqi's and were granted immunity. A-10 pilot - air force, uniformed military person who would be protected under the Geneva conventions if captured in war CIA drone operators (not USAF drone operators) -  non-uniformed people who would not be protected under the...
  19. stealthylizard

    The Khadr Thread

    So where are the charges against PMC's, who aren't lawful combatants?  Where are the charges against CIA drone operators, who also aren't lawful combatants?  They will not face any legal action because of whose side they fight on.  We have private citizens fighting against ISIS as mercenaries. ...
  20. stealthylizard

    The Khadr Thread

    I fail to see what he did constituted a war crime.  Closest legitimate violation of the laws of armed conflict I can come up with is killing a medic. But it wasn't as if Speer was walking around with big red cross identifying that he was a medic. He was charged with Murder in Violation of the...