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    RCN Necktie

    I only found them for sale on the NOAC website a few years ago, however I don't see an online kitshop associated with the new NAC. Perhaps fire them an email. What i purchased was the RCN tie (gold crowns and red maple leaves on a blue tie), as described in the guide handed out at NETPO last...
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    Int Branch necktie

    Anyone know if the Int Branch has a regimental-style necktie for civvy wear? Thanks for any insight.
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    Unofficial medals on mess dress

    At my old NAVRES unit various unofficial medals were worn on the right breast of mess dress at mess dinners. These included an NOAC medal as well as the Nijmegan medal. Is this practiced at other units?
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    RCN Necktie

    Great information, thank you. Senor Mono
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    RCN Necktie

    In the CF certain regimental/branch neckties are identical to those found in regiments in the UK (RAF is the same as the RCAF/Air Command tie, I believe...RA and RCA is another example). Does anyone know if the RCN wore the same tie that the RN wears (navy blue with a thin red and white...
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    New ships (cheap)

    They're getting rid of a Bay Class as well, which would be a great LPD option for us at the right price. Used by the Dutch and Spanish as well as the Rotterdam/Galicia Class. Crew of just 60 plus space for 350 troops and 32 tanks/armoured beasts. 1 LCU carried. Now that we're going for 2 basic...
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    Need for a new Army dress uniform (Split from: Return To Old Army Officer Rank Insignia)

    You think a green dress shirt colour that was last fashionable in 1974 is better than a tan alternative seen the world over today on dress uniforms? The green tunic/tan shirt combo was worn in the US in the mid-60s and looked sharp, before the worst period in human fashion history began soon...
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    Need for a new Army dress uniform (Split from: Return To Old Army Officer Rank Insignia)

    Keep it simple and cheap- just swap the awful mint green shirt for either a tan shirt or a white shirt (see latest US dress uniform as well as certain French soldier dress uniforms). White shirts already in the system. Anything more is a massive effort that isn't going to be approved anytime soon.
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    CF Shooting Teams outside the Navy

    I know of the Ottawa Navy shooting team, as well as the MARLANT team, but are there any other shooting teams in the CF? Any army or air force, or "joint", outside of the national team that goes to Bisley each year?
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    "Re-Royalization", "Re-Britification" and the Heritage Transformation

    Somewhat similar bars were worn by the Canadian Army in WW1 at the cuff (along with pips etc.), so one could argue that there is indeed considerable heritage with respect to the current bars we wear.
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    Promotions in the CAF [Merged]

    Can someone detail what is needed to achieve Sgt in a reserve inf unit? BMQ BMQ (L) Pl wpns crse? PLQ PLQ Inf ILQ Is that correct? What else is required to get "made" at the NCM level? Thanks for any insight.
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    colour party

    Commonwealth naval officers appear to "hook" their swords most of the time- see photos of our recent massive Victoria parade, and see photos of the recent presentation of the colour. Everyone is hooked. Navy units I have served with in Canada always hook the sword onto the sword belt. In my...
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    Naval Officers Once Again to Wear the Executive Curl

    I want the Curl, but if the Curl becomes reality it should be popped on top of the current ranks exactly as they look now. A skinny curl for SLts might look odd but any new naval rank shouldn't be too different from the current CF structure. We're still the post-unification CF, not the RCN...
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    The Military Wedding Superthread- merged

    So you are in DEU, sword, and bow tie for the ceremony? Sounds odd. Best option would be the normal necktie for this dress.
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    Navy Sword Belt Confusion

    Looking at the various photos covering Prince Charles' visit brought up a pet peeve of mine- Canadian naval officers wearing their sword belts on the outside of their tunics; witness the latest photos showing an east coast officer wearing the belt outside and west coast officers wearing them...
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    GMTI - Instructor crse

    In bringing this post back to life I am hoping someone might bite and provide some details. Any info out there? I've heard GMTI was two weeks or so last year, but sounds like it may now be one month. Thanks for any input.
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    Naval Improved Clothing and Equipment (NICE) Project

    Thanks for posting the photo. From what I can see it looks like an improvement. Jacket has a more modern look and the trousers don't look so baggy and sloppy. They don't appear to have those ridiculous pleats last seen on pants in the 80s. Give us another decade and I predict we'll see our...
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    Naval Improved Clothing and Equipment (NICE) Project

    CADPAT and similarly-styled uniforms don't look as sloppy as NCDs. That's my point.
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    Naval Improved Clothing and Equipment (NICE) Project

    Go with that USCG uniform (top mostly worn tucked in from what I've seen), make it out of the right material. Shouldn't be complicated to produce. While new cargo pockets on the NCD trou are a step in the right direction, the fact remains that NCDs look sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. Are they...
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    Component Transfer ( CT ) - Reserve to Regular

    Does one still need the reserve unit CO to sign off on the CT/OT, even with all the processing now being external? In other words can it be nixed by one's CO?