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  1. Smirnoff123

    New prototype 500 Round Ammunition Backpack for US military

    I think it would be practical if it was designed to hold 100 rounds, enough to eliminate the teaser belt and be sustainable until the number 2 gets the ammo out and ready, provided you can get that feed chute out of the way.
  2. Smirnoff123

    July1st DP1.1-1.2

    Dont worry Mase, youre going to get to experience the hot weather rucks on dp1 infantry too.
  3. Smirnoff123

    BMQ Reserves 2010 - 2017

    I agree that there isnt to great of a training value shooting the 100 rounds, but it does allow the troops to put all of their skills learned on the weapons to use. I dont think that this is a waste of ammo when lots of rounds somehow never find their way back into circulation.
  4. Smirnoff123

    Trade best suited for a teacher

    While it could be beneficial to join a trade that relates to your civilian experiences, the army trains you/ retrains you their way on every aspect of the trade regardless. I personally enjoy being able to do something that is different in the reserves than what I do in my civilian work. I'm...
  5. Smirnoff123

    BMQ Reserves 2010 - 2017

    So if none of them are trained on the weapons, they are going to have them do their defensive ftx with just C7 trenches and hasty attacks with no support elements?I guess the time is better spent with power points and jacking the troops up all evening.
  6. Smirnoff123

    BMQ Reserves 2010 - 2017

    This is the first ive heard of that, source?
  7. Smirnoff123

    Does SQ count as DP1 MOD 1?

    Brihard is correct. Many people had to do both mods during the summer that just passed even though they completed SQ the summer before. I personally think they should have run one more traditional dp1 for the people who completed SQ the year before, and implement the new program for the...
  8. Smirnoff123

    Life after serving as a Combat Engineer

    I have worked with a guy who is also an elevator mechanic, who tells me that he was a reg force field.engineer many years ago. He was able to do quite well for himself in the civvie world. Many people in his family were in the elevator industry which provided him the opportunity, however he...
  9. Smirnoff123

    Cpl Camilo Sanhueza-Martinez; March 9, 1985 - January 8, 2014

    I didnt know him personally, but have quite a few friends who did. Sad news, RIP.
  10. Smirnoff123

    Body building and the Canadian forces

    I was making some pretty good gains prior to going on course, but after two months of training I will probably be back close to my original weight...
  11. Smirnoff123

    Paying Compliments (Saluting)

    Well im assuming that the OP is fairly new if she does not know to salute, so I imagine it would be CADPAT which is even more out of place.
  12. Smirnoff123

    Paying Compliments (Saluting)

    Or just go in civvies.
  13. Smirnoff123

    Canine units in or Contracted to Canadian Armed Forces

    The only way you are realistically going to become a dog handler is by wprking your way through the ranks of an organization that utilizes them, police, CBSA, SAR organizations etc. Even then it will not be certain.
  14. Smirnoff123

    Canine units in or Contracted to Canadian Armed Forces

    Then apply to a contracting company?
  15. Smirnoff123

    Bomb Threat Causes Hfx Relay for Life to be canceled.

    I hope that this does not keep continuing, it is a shame to see fundraising events such as this being cancelled.
  16. Smirnoff123

    Help me pick my MOS

    Have you gone to school for firefighting? While being in the military may be looked upon favourably by fire departments, it is still extremely unlikely for them to hire you if you do not possess the required certifications, e.g NFPA I and II, Proboard, OFM etc. These are obtained through...
  17. Smirnoff123

    New courses for infantry?

    Yes they combined the two. All the infantry troops that did BMQ-L last year will have to do the full 8 weeks this summer.
  18. Smirnoff123

    Can "off duty" soldiers carry firearms?

    If they have a PAL and are hunting or at a civilian range like everyone else.
  19. Smirnoff123

    BMQ / BMOQ - Personal Electronics during course [MERGED]

    How can you go without a cell phone on BMQ?! How else would you be able to upload hero pics to facebook?? It is imperative that the world sees you aiming your empty C7 at a wall in the bathroom!