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  1. AlDazz

    New brown Mk IVs coming?

    What a screwed up Army. Can't event sort out something as basic as boots. God help us with the replacement of the Tac Vest.
  2. AlDazz


    Always thought the old 2 1/2 Flying Kitchen was best for unit B ech vehicles for Sqn, Coy and Bty units. Quick to set up which allowed for rapid feeding. Trailer less so and PLS mounted would be cumbersome.
  3. AlDazz

    The Coming DND Budget Cut

    If I was a member of of any of the Regiments 3rd Battalions I might be getting a little restless. As the Reg Force is short troops due to Covid recruiting restrictions someone is going to looking for a quick fix.
  4. AlDazz

    Chest Rig preference

    Interesting comments on the SORD kit.  The Army having found the current Tac Vest lacking for years now I was hoping a replacement would have come in to service by now.  Perhaps when they change the cadpat colours they will have the next webbing/tac vest combo ready to issue.
  5. AlDazz

    General Election: Oct 21, 2019

    The most alarming part of this whole process is the total absence of any policy on defence or international affairs.  Where is Canada going in the world?
  6. AlDazz

    Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle - RG-31, LAV Coyote, and (partial) G-Wagon Replacement

    Some very good discussion on the TAPV and it's potential rolls.  Have to say this seems to be vehicle ordered for the last war that is looking for a real job.  I watching some video from 5 Div and noticed that it has jerry can mounts on lower rear of the hull. Don't we still back into hide...
  7. AlDazz

    Bayonet obsolete? Not yet, apparently -

    The bayonet can't be done yet. Brad Pitt tapes a carving knife to the end of his hunting rifle in World War Z. 
  8. AlDazz

    1000 More Troops To Poland

    If this is a growing commitment for the US then a look at bringing back 4 Brigade should be studied.  Canada joined NATO to stand up against Russian threats to western Europe.  It worked for the first cold war and it seems like it's time to contribute once again to a permanent force in Europe.
  9. AlDazz

    C3 Howitzer Replacement

    I'm not sure this is the correct way of looking at this project. The the C3 provides a platform for training gun detachments and supporting elements.  The 105mm is a low cost solution to making this possible and keeps the fundamentals of indirect fire in practice in reserve units across Canada. ...
  10. AlDazz

    Dark Blue Berets return

    I had the opportunity to examine a 1951 pattern midnight blue beret in comparison to the new army blue beret.  The new army blue beret is a shade lighter and when compared to a black beret is noticeably different.  If this seems like it's not worth the effort or cost it's important to remember...
  11. AlDazz

    Interesting article about NATO tank competition

    I have not heard of a NATO tank competition for some time. With the withdrawal of the VIII CH from CFB Lahr the Army seemed to lose interest. The old Canadian Army Trophy was last competed for on range 9 at Bergen Hohne, West Germany. Does anyone know the location of the silver Centurion that...
  12. AlDazz

    Strong, Secure, Engaged: A Two-Year Review

    Anyone remember Strengthen The Army Reserve (STAR).  After a positive start this seems to have faded into the underfunded reality of our current military.
  13. AlDazz

    Dark Blue Berets return

    The CF green beret is one of the last items of dress remaining from the disaster of unification. The move by some Army units to return to a blue beret is correcting a past mistake. The real reason of course is that Army units can't stand looking like one another. 
  14. AlDazz

    Sabre Squadron HQ 3rd Tank

    The 3rd tank is commanded by a Sgt and has the call sign of 16 as it's equipped with a dozer blade. The Sqn Cmd is in 1A and the Btl Capt is in 1B.  With a reduction in the number tanks in RCAC I'm not shure the dozer tank is used any more.
  15. AlDazz

    British regimental culture

    Canadian regimental culture is based on the process developed in Britain during the First World War.  The idea was to gather soldiers from a common area and train them in a regiment that would reinforce their geographic identity.  Having common traditions and language dialects would unite a...
  16. AlDazz

    The FN C1 - Service Rifle of the Past (and C7A1 vs FN C1A1)

    Last fired that fine antitank weapon in 1978. If there was a 3 round magazine it one in the tube and one in each pocket.  I remember it did wobble in flight and was surprised when it hit the hard target.
  17. AlDazz

    Divining the right role, capabilities, structure, and Regimental System for Canada's Army Reserves

    I bit of a wandering topic. I don't think any PRes unit is capable of generating a capable sub unit in the form of Sqn, Bty or Coy.  They don't posses the required stores and resources and would need considerable augmentation. The differences in equipment for the Armd Recce and Fd Arty units...
  18. AlDazz

    The Cdn Army does not need HMGs (From: CANSOF vs. Boko Haram)

    Not sure why the Army would want to get rid of such a proven weapons platform.  My only problem with them was the reliability issues due to their age. As mentioned the Brits brought them out of storage for their trip to the Falklands. I believe they were used as air defence and as fire bases for...
  19. AlDazz

    Bayonet obsolete? Not yet, apparently -

    Have to go with carrying a bayonet. If you need to carry a knife it might as well fit on the end of your rifle.  The current issue seems well designed for other purposes as well.  The old C1 bayonet looked a little silly on the end of an SMG though.
  20. AlDazz

    The FN C1 - Service Rifle of the Past (and C7A1 vs FN C1A1)

    I have used the C1 and C7. The FN is the one I remember the best as it always seemed more battle worthy. I also remember the serviceability problems as they started to age. I always hoped they put the best in war stocks in case they were ever needed again.