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  1. Bianca

    Election 2009?

    I work for Service Canada, and a group of us are usually recruited to work for Elections Canada when something is coming up... last week they asked for us to get a team together and have everyone trained by October 1st. So I guess everyone is expecting something to happen soon!
  2. Bianca

    The Stella Awards

    Oh my GOSH. These people... the shame!
  3. Bianca

    Translation in the Army?

    I don't know if this interests you, but there are some relevant jobs with the Department of National Defence. Maybe not specifically for translators, but there are language related jobs such as 'Language Quality Advisor.' You can check out all the DND jobs here...
  4. Bianca

    Quitting Smoking

    I know the feeling. I started smoking when I was 15 (over 8 years ago) because it was just oh-so-cool to be a smoker in high school. I tried to quit many times during university but there was always some kind of stress that had me going back. Last month was my 24th birthday, and as cheesy as it...
  5. Bianca

    Winter BMQ

    Just to clarify... after BMQ don't you basically get shipped directly to SQ or whatever training you have to do next? I didn't think that there was time to go home after BMQ.
  6. Bianca

    Do you still shake hands with people?

    I never said it was solely an Italian thing, I'm aware it's done in other parts of the world. I was just giving an example from my life, with my personal reasoning for my actions. And I believe that some parts of the Middle East actually do a triple-kiss.
  7. Bianca

    Question About Job Picks

    I would call as soon as possible instead of waiting the 2 weeks.
  8. Bianca

    Do you still shake hands with people?

    Some of my friends/coworkers make me laugh because they use anti-bacterial as if it will save their lives. I shake hands and hug people all the time, and of course being of Italian background do the double-cheek kiss pretty often- yet I haven't gotten a cold or flu in over a year. I wash my...
  9. Bianca

    TV star caught on tape nude with wife and former Miss Teen USA

    Hahaha, oh McSteamy... seems like something his character would do.
  10. Bianca

    Tips for making a good impression and getting a JOB (any job, not just Military)

    Just a little anecdote: when I went to the CRFC for the first time I walked in and was waiting for a recruiter who was busy on the phone. I was reading some brochures and made sure I was visible to him. There was another person who had gotten there before me and was clearly impatiently waiting...
  11. Bianca

    Wanna play ? http://www.thegreatflu.com/

    Damn! Service Canada has the website blocked. I wanted to save the world!
  12. Bianca

    How to get family on board

    Just a little update... ended up telling my dad on Sunday night before I headed back to Ottawa. I think he was kind of in shock. But, he did say it sounds like a great job (Comm Rsch Op.) I may have left out information such as that I would love to be deployed, etc, because he was stunned as it...
  13. Bianca

    Afghan women to miss out on vote in landmark election

    Oops, apologies for the error. But thank you for the correction!
  14. Bianca

    Afghan women to miss out on vote in landmark election

    So ironic, with all the efforts being made it just never seems to be enough. Do the searchers/staff need to be Afghani? Would members of the ISAF be able to assist them with this? (I mean obviously if they had anyone to spare.) It's just sad and unfair...
  15. Bianca

    Would you like to put a ‘Support our troops’ ribbon on your own vehicle?

    Since I don't have a car I have the decal on one of the windows of my apartment and I have the keychain as well. I have noticed a BIG increase in the car decals lately, especially in Montreal.
  16. Bianca

    Can't wait!

    Haha, I know what you mean! All I've done so far is fill out the application form, and I'm already beyond excited. Edited to add: Congrats to all of you heading to BMQ!!
  17. Bianca

    Security Clearance.

    Right, I just assumed that since he said 'government work' the security checks would be done by the Feds. Just throwing in my thoughts! (Or should I say my 'professional opinion' as my job is an information officer for the government haha.) But you're right, there are higher in other organizations.
  18. Bianca

    Security Clearance.

    Google is your friend. :) From the Treasury Board: Types of personnel screening    SCREENING TYPE  SCREENING LEVEL  SENSITIVITY LEVEL RELIABILITY STATUS           Basic             Non-sensitive                                   Enhanced               Designated SECURITY...
  19. Bianca

    What song is stuck in your head?

    "Rock You like a Hurricane" has been in my head since this morning. The guy at the desk closest to me insists on starting each day with an acapella performance as a social experiment to see what gets stuck in my head and what I end up singing all day. Fun times...  ::)
  20. Bianca

    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    Another 1-800-O-Canada story... Caller: "Where are you getting this information?" Me: "From our database." Caller: "Can you send it to me?" Me: "The information? In a brochure you mean?" Caller: "No, your database." Me: "Unfortunately ma'am, that's government property, and we can only...