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  1. YoshinRyu

    Poncho Liner Ranger Blanket US vs Canadian?

    Hello, I am seeing Canadian poncho liners aka ranger blankets at surplus stores. I have US ones and the Canadian ones seem heavier and maybe coated. Which are the pros/cons of one vs the other?
  2. YoshinRyu

    Are you looking to buy one? Or just info?

    Are you looking to buy one? Or just info?
  3. YoshinRyu

    Survival kits project

    Very nice kits, similar to mine. Are you using the small or large mess tin? I have the small and they fit into an ALICE mag pouch if you slide the handle down the side. Apart from the mess tin, I have to carry SOL Heetsheets on the outside of the tins. This is ok if you keep both together...
  4. YoshinRyu

    Best waterproofing for shelter half?

    Goop is great stuff. I was on a civy winter survival course but my sleeping bag was in a poor carrier so it got wet. While drying the bag over a fire I was slow to notice that my rubber pacs were melting like marshmellows! Once home I used Goop on the very large hole and the boots were good for...
  5. YoshinRyu

    Best waterproofing for shelter half?

    I started to use seam sealent but there are too many tiny spots hwere light shines through the shelter half, although the fabric is perfectly fine. Anyone recommend a brand of waterproofing? Maybe something I can get at MEC? Is spray or paint on more suitable? Silicon or urathane based...
  6. YoshinRyu

    For Sale - Cadpat 64 Pattern 5 Pocket Rucks , padding sets and duffles

    Your website has no gear on it whatsoever. How about posting photos here?
  7. YoshinRyu

    82 Pattern Rucksack Thread- Merged

    Nope, and that is why I asked  ::) Black on my NBC pack and Rucksack. Green on my older rucksack, everything else I've seen and/or owned.
  8. YoshinRyu

    WTB: 82 pattern pack yoke

    Looking for a surplused 82 pattern pack yoke, but in unused condition if possable. I'll be using it on a 82 pack but with 64 frame. Mine has a tear on one shoulder just before the padded cloth part meets nylon webbing. sirjameshfx@yahoo.com
  9. YoshinRyu

    82 Pattern Rucksack Thread- Merged

    I got a 82 pattern rucksack (surplused with a D) and all the plastic parts are black. Anyone have history on these? Were they R&D models, samples, a rushed order when they ran out of OD hardware?
  10. YoshinRyu

    WTB: IMP parts (the parts you haven't eaten lol)

    I am looking to buy IMP parts from guys on here. Side dishes, spreads, etc., anything you didn't eat. I have emergency packs for my GF and I and would like to add 3 days worth of non-cook foods then add backpacker meals. Yes I know there are civy alternatives but I like a lot of the IMP...
  11. YoshinRyu

    For Sale: Assorted '82 Pattern Webbing

    NBC bag was not issue gear but after market, broken buckle. Mag pouches had divider cut out, condition stated as worn, but modification not stated. Buttpack increadably frayed, certainly not "like new condition" All gear really really stuck, as in smelly unwashed gear. Found freezie wrapper...
  12. YoshinRyu

    Crew Tent and webbing for sale

    Thank you for the reply Sgt. I know it is a sensative issue here but military surplus has been worn by civies for many years and most of it brought from authentic surplus stores. From what I've seen, the military will throw something out for the most minor reason, sometimes these reasons don't...
  13. YoshinRyu

    WTB Special Ops Brand Cargo Pocket organizers

    Looking for both the mini and the regular. sirjameshfx@yahoo.com
  14. YoshinRyu

    WTB: C7 Cleaning Case

    Thanks for the reply. Email sent.
  15. YoshinRyu

    Bivanorak: Bivy bag/Poncho..hmm..

    Looks like an oversized rain coat to me  ::)
  16. YoshinRyu

    WTB: C7 Cleaning Case

    Got a buddy looking for a C7 cleaning case, with or without tools. sirjameshfx@yahoo.com
  17. YoshinRyu


    $11.25 per meal plus shipping. They better come with a pretty waitress. On second thought, think I'll head over to McDonalds.
  18. YoshinRyu

    Princess Auto

    So that's where they all went! I saw them too along with the carry bags but no netting. Thought they were useless, but apparently not lol. The signal panels may be good for your car if you get stuck. The webbing straps include hollow climbing webbing in nice army green. These can be used to...
  19. YoshinRyu

    WTB: Canteen cup cooker

    Not sensable if you are in Canada  ;D I got one so far but have not heard back from the medic. Still looking for 1-3 more of them.
  20. YoshinRyu

    How to tell size on '82 pattern belt

    Yeah I know, "read the label", but I am a man and don't need no stinkin label!  :dontpanic: Actually, anyone know how many pairs of holes are in small, medium, large belts? I figure that would be the best way to tell when the labeling wears off.