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  1. FGH_Recce_DJ

    The Merged Maher Arar Thread

    Thanks for that noneck, for those of us not in the RCMP it is nice to get an informed opinion on the situation. Cheers!! :cdn:
  2. FGH_Recce_DJ

    The Merged Maher Arar Thread

    BLackhorse7 is stationed in BC, i wonder what his thoughts are on the new interm commisioner. seeing she is commander of BC district???
  3. FGH_Recce_DJ

    The Merged Maher Arar Thread

    Alot of good points GO. alot of good points, it really makes you think doesn't it? I think all this guy wants is his 15 minutes of fame and his money he could care less about anything else, who REALLY knows if he was tortured, has it ever been proven?
  4. FGH_Recce_DJ

    The Merged Maher Arar Thread

    It takes alot of courage for a man in the commissioners position to step down, i give the man alot of credit, he took one for the team, unlike officers in a higher chain of command in Winnipegs police service and the whole James Driskell fiasco ::)
  5. FGH_Recce_DJ

    Suicide bomb kills two Canadian troops, civilian in Kandahar - 27 Nov 2006

    2 beers are waiting for you in God's mess, your in his hands now boys, RIP :salute: :cdn:
  6. FGH_Recce_DJ

    Canadian AFG War "Resister"

    The sad thing is with the numbers being down and trying to bring them up, they are going to recruit more and more cowardly little wankers like this, and you won't know it until they are in the system with you and the time comes for them to "ante up" so to speak.
  7. FGH_Recce_DJ

    Sgt. Darcy Tedford and Pte. Blake Williamson Killed- 14 Oct 2006

    :salute: :cdn: :salute: :cdn: God Speed Troops
  8. FGH_Recce_DJ

    North Korea (Superthread)

    Yes but remember, it was Saddam, not Kim Jong that had the weapons of mass destruction, way to drop the ball Bush, way to drop the ball, If anyone needs me i'll be building my fallout shelter........
  9. FGH_Recce_DJ

    Sgt. Craig Gillam, Cpl. Robert Mitchell, RCD - 03 Oct 2006

    A sad day for the Dragoons, "At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them, we will remember them." RIP Brothers  :'( :cdn: :salute: :cdn: :salute:
  10. FGH_Recce_DJ

    Bombing Targets Canadian Troops - 18 Sep 06

    This is becoming way to frequent for me, another sad sad day for Canada as a whole, RIP brothers, stand easy :salute: :cdn: :salute: :cdn: :salute: :cdn: :salute: :cdn:  :'(
  11. FGH_Recce_DJ

    Pte. Mark Anthony Graham 1 RCR - 04 Sept 06

    :cdn: :salute: :'( Heaven needed another guardian to protect it.
  12. FGH_Recce_DJ

    WO Richard Nolan RCR, WO Frank Mellish RCR, Sgt Shane Stachnik 2 CER, Pte Jonathan Cushley RCR- 03 Sep 06

    :cdn: :salute: :cdn: :salute: :cdn: :salute: :cdn: :salute:....... :'( God speed brothers, and may your families take comfort that you died protecting the freedoms of this great nation!!!!
  13. FGH_Recce_DJ

    Canadian troops kill plain clothes Afghan police officer, injure six others

    So eloquently put Blackhorse7, right to the point, no sugar coating it. Keep up the good work boys, don't let a few incidents like this ruin your resolve, we are all behind you 100%! :cdn: :salute: Cheers!
  14. FGH_Recce_DJ

    MCpl Jeffrey Scott Walsh 2VP

    :salute: :cdn:
  15. FGH_Recce_DJ

    Aug 3rd/06: Sgt Vaughn Ingram, Cpl Bryce Jeffrey Keller, Pte. Kevin Dallaire

    Heroes, every single last one of them.  :salute: :cdn: Good job boys, you make your country so proud!!!!
  16. FGH_Recce_DJ

    Cpl. Francisco Gomez, & Cpl. Jason Patrick Warren

    RIP Cpl.Gomez        :salute: :cdn: Cpl. Warren      :salute: :cdn: Heaven now has 2 more of Canada's finest to guard the pearly gates.
  17. FGH_Recce_DJ

    Tattoos in the RCMP

    Hmmmmmmmmmm i think i got a pretty good idea WHO that is lol ::)
  18. FGH_Recce_DJ

    2 Mounties Shot in Saskatchewan

    :'( :cdn: :salute: Rest In Peace
  19. FGH_Recce_DJ

    Cpl. Anthony Joseph Boneca - LSSR - 09 July 2006

    :'( Rest In Peace :salute: :cdn:  My thoughts and prayers to his family and friends