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  1. combat_medic

    Cali to potentially legalize marijuana for everyone.

    Thread locked. Everyone to your corners and cool down. Milnet.ca Staff
  2. combat_medic

    Afghanistan: Why we should be there (or not), how to conduct the mission (or not) & when to leave

    Speech: When you put your child's writing out in public in the media, they, and you became a public figure. Part of that involves positive press, and part of it involves negative press. If you don't want your ideas (or the ideas of your children) criticized, then they should not be made public...
  3. combat_medic


    *Milnet staff hat on now* Mellian: The staff here as a whole have had to lock a LOT of perfectly good threads because of your of you devolving every thread and making it an argument about yourself. Your name is coming up far too often, and before you cry victim, you need a serious evaluation of...
  4. combat_medic

    What is wrong with our flag?

    Personal attacks, deserved, ad hominem or otherwise are NOT ok. The posts in question have been deleted and the topic is now locked. *Milnet.ca Staff* As a note, there are certain members who seem to have all the threads they participate in getting locked. Anyone heard the expression "the...
  5. combat_medic

    Transgender in the CF (merged)

    You don't think dealing with the psychological, medical, and hormonal issues of an ongoing gender transition will have any impact on performing one of the most stressful jobs on earth?! You're kidding yourself, and no one here is buying it.
  6. combat_medic

    Transgender in the CF (merged)

    I'm not talking about being 5'0", I'm talking about being 3'2". And I believe (though would have to find supporting documentation) that there is still some kind of height requirement.
  7. combat_medic

    Transgender in the CF (merged)

    For this person, their gender issues are left unresolved. They are still legally, and somewhat physically female. Why on earth should the CF take them on with an ongoing medical/psych issue? Again, you join us, we don't join you. It's the applicant's responsibility to meet the standards. We...
  8. combat_medic

    Transgender in the CF (merged)

    Those two sentences are contradictory. You say their issues are left unresolved, then go on to say it is a non-issue. I would imagine this very contradiction is part of the reason that the CF does not want to take applicants until the issues are all resolved.
  9. combat_medic

    Transgender in the CF (merged)

    Disclaimer: I am not aware of any policy, and this is supposition based on second hand knowledge of a similar situation, not in the CF. During a gender transition, a person is legally one sex, and at some point in the transition, becomes another sex legally. Typically, a person will be...
  10. combat_medic

    Relax and Chill out!

    mdc8427, welcome to the warning system. PM inbound. Milnet.ca Staff
  11. combat_medic

    Prince Charles told to avoid Quebec

    It's always people who were never oppressed who rail the loudest against people who never oppressed anyone.
  12. combat_medic

    Format of Memos

    Moe: I've had NCO RMS Clks submit memos with "Dist List" on it, and have had course staff teach it, it's a very common mistake, and one I think most people aren't even aware of. It's apparently only us anal retentive whackjobs who notice. ;)
  13. combat_medic

    Format of Memos

    So I found the manual of military abbreviations on the DIN - the most recent copy. Dist is District Distr is Distribute or Distribution I will return with the pub number, link, and page.
  14. combat_medic

    CAN Officer Returns to AFG With Artificial Leg

    Getting a single leg amputation is vastly different from a double leg amputation. Just as getting a double above-the-knee amputation is vastly different than a double below-the knee. Numerous factors will affect a person's medical assesment, recovery, and so on, depending on the the location of...
  15. combat_medic

    How are Chaplains perceived by other CF members?

    As a CF Member, and an Atheist, I have an enormous amount of time for the padre corps. I have met dozens of padres in my travels, and have never once felt preached to, or any attempt at religious coercion of any kind. I don't think I've ever heard them mention the word "God" to me, outside of...
  16. combat_medic

    Format of Memos

    I'm going to need to put this disagreement on hold until I can find my source. Wait out.
  17. combat_medic

    Format of Memos

    Ridiculous, nitpicky pet peeve moment: It's Distr List, not Dist List.
  18. combat_medic

    Previous drug use question 2002 - 2018 [Merged]

    You might want to quote your source on that one. Actually, according to most experts (start off with On Combat by LCol Dave Grossman) they show pretty definitively that marijuana use amongst American soldiers in Vietnam significantly INCREASED incidents of post traumatic stress. The reasoning...
  19. combat_medic

    Medail de mon grand pere, et de mon pere

    Oh, and if you try to circumvente a block again, you'll be quickly shown the finer points of the warning system.
  20. combat_medic

    Medail de mon grand pere, et de mon pere

    Il y a un montant d'information sur ette sujet en Anglais que tu peut réhercher. Pense pas que tu peut seulement demander la même question dans une autre langue et on ne vas pas savoir. Fermer.