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    Hahah in a BMOQ atm and im 32. In a group of 44, im the 15th youngest so yeah, dont worry. Bunch of people in their 30s,40s and 50s.
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    Would I be "wasting" my engineering degree?

    Hey there, In a similar situation as you. I have a b.eng and a master’s degree in engineering but i will probably not be the greatest leader out there in an officer role. That being said, sure there are some natural born leaders, but you can also learn how to be one. From BMOQ to your...
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    You Want To Be A Pilot : 2018 - present

    Damn that must be frustrating. Especially since you were probably close to make the competition list after ACS... We're really unlucky in our timing with the training backlogs and covid. Patience will pay-off i guess; keep it up.
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    You Want To Be A Pilot : 2018 - present

    Just to get general opinions. I just learned that my file score doesnt make the cutoff for this year again for PLT DEO. I completed the ACS 2 years ago and passed for pilot. My CFAT score was considered good and at the time my recruiter told me my file was above the last person to receive an...
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    Seeking Application Advice

    Hey there, Been in the selection process since 2018 now for PLT. I been talking to a lot of people over the years, even to a Commanding Officer in charge of training in coldlake; age doesn't really matter as long as you can get the minimum required years from your profile of entry. People...
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    You Want To Be A Pilot : 2018 - present

    I wouldnt worry too much about that for now until the recruitement is back to somewhat normal since your ACS is only valid for 3 or 5 years (cant remember). I've been in the process for 3 years now even tho i was told my file score was above the last person to receive an offer after completing...
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    You Want To Be A Pilot : 2018 - present

    I talked to a recruiter today and it should be about 20 DEO spots for PLT 2021-2022. There is a major backlog in BMQ and officer training that slow the process. They told me to contact them again in april. Been 3 years now that i'm in the process. Super bad timing i guess.
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    Application Process Samples [ 2019-present]

    Recruiting Center: CFRC Montreal Regular/Reserve: Regular Officer/NCM: Officer Entry Plan: DEO Trade choice 1: PLT Trade choice 2: - Trade choice 3: - Application date: 2017-Oct First contact: 2018-Fev CFAT: 2018-Fev Aircrew selection ACS: 2019-Jun (oct-18 date got cancelled) Medical 1...
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    Phase 2 Pilot wait time

    Wait what??? I though it was about 6 months... but two years? Man it was already clogged; covid made it really worse. I don't know if i'd even remember a thing from phase 1 after that delay. What duty are you on while you wait for Spring 2022? Are you back home and paid? Hang in there, hope...
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    You Want To Be A Pilot : 2018 - present

    I applied as DEO. Last year was 16 positions for 2019/2020 and 11 for 2020/2021... so yeah i can understand why they raised the requirements.
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    You Want To Be A Pilot : 2018 - present

    The demand for baby pilots was reduced significantly. I was contacted in January to tell me they have raised the requirements for pilot and i was no longer admissible for now. I was scheduled for my interview a week earlier after passing the tests in Trenton and the recruiter told me that i had...
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    All things LASIK surgery (aircrew/other -- merged)

    I believe this information might not be true for applying candidates to pilot trade. WFG is for SERVING pilots. Its the safest surgery and when the forces fully trained you at enormous cost it’s quite understandable. Applying candidates that received conventional LASIK/PRK (non-WFG) prior to...
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    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    Keep checking for those dings as you may get a spot before that if there are cancelations haha. Else i've been told we are about 200-250 candidates in line for ACS so it will prolly take a while. Good luck to you and hang in there!
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    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    Still waiting here. Been giving 3 sets of dates for ACS and not selected to write the test yet. Been 9 month since my CFAT. Talked to the recruiters and said it's competitive even to get a spot at ACS. I had a very good score in my CFAT but my file overall "score" was lower it seems. Wasn't told...
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    RCAF aircrew shortage

    Don't know if it's the same for ACSO, but it's been almost 8 months since my CFAT and i'm not even scheduled yet to write the ACS for PLT as DEO, which is the next step for me. I don't think it's related to application profil (engineering degree, good GPA, fit, no criminal record or stain of any...
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    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    Is it possible that ACS dates are assigned prioritarely to people with multiple trade choices? I just applied as pilot and been waiting for at least 7-8 months for ACS date confirmation (they are sending me to ACS before my interview/medical). I had to post new dates twice now. The recruiter...
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    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    "Priority" to ROTP applicants would be assigned just because the actual proportion of DEO to ROTP is too high right? They do have predetermined amount of spots for each type of applicants?
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    All things LASIK surgery (aircrew/other -- merged)

    Currently in the application process for Pilot trade. Done my CFAT and waiting on the interview/medical. Seems to be a minimum delay of 6 months after eye surgery from the information previously stated. As i went for an enhancement surgery (LASIK) 3 months prior to application to be sure to be...
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    Colour Vision

    Hello guys, Been a couple weeks i really look in this forum since i applied as a Pilot two months ago. Doing my CFAT next week. I have read everything on colorblindness but i dont understand the "lantern test can only be conducted as secondary test by aircrew applicants". Before doing my...