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    FS: Seals action gear TW SMOCK

    I have a brand new cadpat smock from Drop Zone in size small if you're interested. It fits like a medium and is in perfect condition. Asking $350 plus shipping. PM me if interested.
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    Looking to buy 2002 Olive drab fragmentation vest

    Very interesting. Good luck in your search.
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    Jump ruck hip pad

    A 64 pack and frame can be set up with the 82 pattern rucksack waist belt and back pad too. The straps on the back pad need extensions though using 1" nylon webbing. Cheap and effective, but not necessarily comfortable for everyone.
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    Canadian Army Logistics Captain Mess Kit

    Canadian Army Logistics mess kit. Jacket size 40R and pants size 34x32. The new historical rank has been sewen on the jacket shoulders and there are two inside pockes. Pants also have two hidden pockets along the seam and also have buttons for suspenders. Black, wellington style boots size 10.5...
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    Chest rig /plate carrier

    I have a small, coyote, paraclete HPC if you're interested; its brand new.
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    WTS - Various Kit (Eagle, CPGear, etc..)

    Payment sent 3 months ago. No response and no kit. Anybody know what happened to this member?
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    WTS-Tour kit no longer required

    Any of this kit still left?
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    For Sale: drop zone assault pack. Cadpat TW

    http://www.dropzonetactical.com/backpacks/assaultpack.html Dead link my friend.