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    CT timeline ( PRes to Reg)

    Thanks so much for the info. Happy to hear I'll be a Cpl. And I don't know if you've been to a reserve unit before. But every reserve unit I've seen is a sh*t show. I honestly don't know how I got my Cpls, then got on PLQ without anyone noticing. I'm praying that the Sig Op trade hurting...
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    CT timeline ( PRes to Reg)

    Good day all, I have a very specific question regarding CT's, and haven't been able to find answers anywhere else. So I'm hoping I can get answers. First off I've been contacted by the CT broker informing me that I do not have DP2 on my record. I do have my PLQ complete and I am a MCpl . So...
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    The Depression / Anti Depressants Merged Thread

    Hi. I applied to the Primary Army Reserves about 9 months ago. I did excellent on the aptitude, and I passed my physical. I did not get in because I was on medication for depression. My depression was due to a situation, and not some permanent imbalance of a neurotransmitter in my brain.  I have...