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  1. therev


    I believe dreams to be very important.  Whether you look at them from a psychological context (Jung) or spiritual one, there is much being brought forth from the psyche/God, higher power, etc.  I often find that I am helping others discern what their dreams are saying to them.  Sometimes they...
  2. therev

    What a way to take someone down...

    Ouch.  My bones hurt watching him land. :crybaby:
  3. therev

    New game.....Story

    . (end sentence) Invitations
  4. therev

    New game.....Story

    super secret
  5. therev

    New game.....Story

    the lagoon in Colwood...
  6. therev

    New game.....Story

    Miss Scarlett
  7. therev

    Are you an Army.ca addict?

    What about being heard saying, "I got to check army.ca" in your sleep.  Is that sign of addiction?
  8. therev

    New game.....Story

    to light up
  9. therev

    I have now seen everything

    Don't think I will be buying what he is selling but I don't mind his robe. I kinda of reminds me of a church surplice I had.  I wonder where he shops?
  10. therev

    New game.....Story

  11. therev

    New game.....Story

    many sins
  12. therev

    Fun & Games at CFB Esquimalt

    I was wondering if a mock exercise like this was coming.  The security as been a little more vigorous compared to the beginning of July.  Glad that I will be away.  :D
  13. therev

    Garvin's rant about the AIDS conference

    Most of us want to see AIDS gone Sheerin.  If I may offer this up - These guys here have been in the places where the kiddies and their families are dropping by the 1000's. Some of them it have been hit hard by that reality.  They just have some different ways of wanting to get the problem...
  14. therev

    Any MALE "military wives" out there? And yes I mean MALE.

    Well said Shamrock.  There does tend to be a gap there for the male spouse left waiting at home tending the hearth.  And MFRC events do tend to be more female oriented.  But there are some MFRC groups  or individuals who do go out of their way to include the male partner in activities.  Some...
  15. therev

    question from a fellow soldier from holland

    this sounds like a fascinating ritual/ game.  I want to hear more.  Hope you find those rules. 
  16. therev

    CBC: Dozens of Taliban killed in Afghan Battle

    Wes not all media are behind troops in the sandbox.  One local radio here was not favorable about yesterdays "conquest".  The cynical announcer led into the story, saying for those who want to hear that Canadian soldiers killed xyz#'s of Taliban fighters, you will be please to hear that...
  17. therev

    The Incredible Mr. Bobbit -- a farce

    after reading this the other day, I had a dream of Mr. B as James Bond -o last night.  very strange indeed. like the pic too.where do you guys find these things.  I have to get out more.
  18. therev


    this is a great thread. perhaps Mr. Bobbit should open a second site " Army.ca - Dating, and advice to Military lovelorn."  Good wisdom from all who have responded, next time i have a hard case that comes to my office for advice I will just make a post for you to give advice to.  ;D
  19. therev

    Wrist Watch Recommendations - Merged Thread

    I thought you wore your watch opposite the hand you write with.  If you are lefty you wear it on the right, right handed on the left.  Me I wear it on the right hand even though I am right handed. Often folks think i am left handed when they see its on the right, get some comments  about not...
  20. therev

    Just over 24 hours to GO

    Enjoy every moment Spice.  [/b] He also needs to be able to walk into work too!