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    PFT Question for ZOOMIE (or other pilots who can help)

    Hey, thank you both for getting back to me.  Yes, it's kind of a long shot to be sure, but I'll start there in Winnipeg like you guys said.  I'll let you know how it goes.
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    PFT Question for ZOOMIE (or other pilots who can help)

    I was just CT'd off of PFT - mucked up my landings one too many times!  I do not have a PPL, so does that mean I would need to get only my PPL to be eligible to go back to Portage?  Or do I have to get my commercial license?  Zoomie had basically answered this in another thread, but i've heard...
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    What happened to all our Hornets?

    Thanks for the replies.  That's a very useful link Occam, thanks.  We definitely lost a lot of planes due to accidents, but we did mothball an awful lot too.  I hope we at least got all the useful hours out of the airframes.
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    What happened to all our Hornets?

    I know we've only got 77 operational CF-18s left but, aside from the ground-instruction units, the gate guards and museum pieces, what happened to the rest of them?  Are they stored down in Arizona, or does Canada actually have a bone yard?  Are any of them in flyable storage?
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    Posting/type preferences - Pilots

    I'm currently on OJT, awaiting PFT (March 2012).  Perhaps one of you pilots can shed some light on this:  Do you have much say in the type of aircraft you get, or in your posting location.  Let's say that you're picked for helos, and you really want Cormorants at Comox.  Does anyone get a first...
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    Pilot Exchange Posting

    Can anyone tell me if exchange postings for pilots to the US are tough to come by?  Do you need a certain number of hours generally?  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  I'm currently doing OJT, starting PFT in March 2012.