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    Lt Justin Garrett Boyes: KIA 28 Oct 09

    Rest in Peace Lt. Boyes My condolences to the family.  :salute:
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    Trooper Karine Blais - 12e Régiment blindé du Canada - 4 wounded in Afghanistan - Tues 14 Apr 2009

    RIP Trooper Blais My deepest condolences to the troopers family and friends.  :salute: To the soldiers wounded get well soon.
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    Medal Mounting

    Gunther Stahr's business partner is a long time member at the St. Albert Legion. Bill Dickson will pick up and drop off your medals here at the Legion if it's easier.
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    Tracking problems with the forum upgrade [Post here]

    That's it kkwd Now is there any way to fix it?
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    Tracking problems with the forum upgrade [Post here]

    Hi Mike I'm using Mozilla.
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    Tracking problems with the forum upgrade [Post here]

    I'm not sure Geo but I have the most god awful green color there. 
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    Tracking problems with the forum upgrade [Post here]

    Can anyone tell me why the navigation bar on the top of my pages has turned from the nice Army green to kind of a puke green. Sorry guys if this a new color scheme but is there a way I can change it back?
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    R.I.P.Trooper Marc Diab 8 March 2009

    R.I.P. Trooper :salute: My deepest condolences to the family and comrades left behind.
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    WO Brown, Cpl. Fortin and Cpl. O'Quinn Killed by IED-03 March 09

    My deepest condolences to the families and comrades of these three heroes.  :salute:  :'( To the injured soldiers, get better soon.
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    Georges Devloo " grand-père" of Vimy

    Georges Devloo has died, at 85, and that means a tradition of respect and generosity and stunning hospitality has gone, too. Vimy, that crucial French village so soaked in Canadian history and blood, is a place of pilgrimage. Anyone who opts to take a train there knows, though, that actually...
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    Two CAN Soldiers Wounded in Shah Wali Kot IED Blast 5 Feb 09

    SYDNEY — The mother of a Cape Breton soldier serving in Afghanistan says her son sustained two fractured legs when the light armoured vehicle he was travelling in hit a roadside bomb last week. Betty Boutilier told the Cape Breton Post on Sunday that Adam Boutilier, 29, had called her from...
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    Lest We Forget Wristbands - In Aid of The Poppy Appeal

    Hi Tess We have them here but they are available in red only. I like the black and red ones much better. http://www.legion.ca/_PDF/Supply/Catalogue_Fall_08_web_e.pdf
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    Canadian Paratroopers

    From the web site. We will be shooting our Alberta interviews in January starting with John Ross in Lethbridge. John Ross jumped at Normandy and has quite a few stories of his own to share. If you know any Paratroopers living here in Alberta, please contact us with their names and details. In...
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    Canadian Paratroopers

    Hi Folks I was just given this web site concerning the Canadian Paratroopers. It is about the on going production of a Canadian movie about the Paratroopers. You have to sign up to get to the inner-workings of the site. One of the executive producers has told me the would love to get some feed...
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    Cpl. Hamilton, Pte. Curwin and Pte. Jones - 2 RCR - 13 Dec 2008

    Another sad news day  :'( R.I.P to the three heroes  :salute: My deepest condolences to the families and comrades.
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    G & M Chritsty Blatchford - Mourn them but don't pity them article

    When I first heard yesterday that Canada had suffered casualties in Kandahar, I got an e-mail from a soldier I know, a wonderfully literate man who has served in Afghanistan himself. When he got the news, he said, he remembered what then-Lieutenant-Colonel Ian Hope once told a reporter...
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    WO Wilson, Cpl. McLaren, Pte. Diplaros - 1 RCR - 05 Dec. 2008

    RIP to our brave soldiers  :salute: My condolences to the families and comrades.
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    Military Units in Afghanistan

    Hi Folks I know this is a dumb question but the old fella's at the legion want to know. How many units from the Edmonton area are in or will be in Afghanistan now or in the very near future? I don't need the names of the units just approximately how many are there. Thanks. Oh yes I did a good...