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  1. Pte.Butt

    Anti-Taliban Protests.

    It is unfortunate, but it may make the PhyOps job a heck'of alot easier
  2. Pte.Butt

    What are your Thanksgiving plans?

    Op. Viking Axe here on the rock  ;D
  3. Pte.Butt

    Gun expert shot in hand sues PSNI

    If he did proper safety precautions before stripping down the weapon, then the accident wouldn't have happened unless the weapon actually did malfunction. Good job  ::)
  4. Pte.Butt

    Can you spot the problem in the picture?

    Edit: I am convinced it is just an upside down mag on a mag coupler, the mag seems a smidgen longer then it normally would be.
  5. Pte.Butt

    Can you spot the problem in the picture?

    The mag wont fit at all if you put it in backwards, it wouldn't fit the shape of the mag housing. I would venture to say it would just fall right out if you put it in upside down, as there is no groove for the mag release to catch in.   I personally think, that she may be using a mag coupler...
  6. Pte.Butt

    Canada Day...how will you be celebrating?

    A flight to Gagetown for me!  ;D
  7. Pte.Butt

    Are Soldiers Heroes?

    Hero:   Although it isn't my belief, there are lots of people civi-side who view us as hero's even though we are just doing our job. We may look at a firefight, or roadside bomb in Afghanistan as another day in the office, but they see it as ''exceptional courage and nobility and strength''...
  8. Pte.Butt

    ButtA --> Oldiersay

      Just doing a name change for PERSEC reasons, plus I like the new one better!  ;D
  9. Pte.Butt

    I passed!

     They don't test for drugs with the urine test, they test to make sure you're not peeing anything you shouldn't be (I.E. Blood) Perhaps someone more informed can elaborate.  If you fill out the drug questionnaire sheet truthfully, they will determine a green light, or a red. If you have...
  10. Pte.Butt


    I was in Pearson about 2 weeks ago, it is phenomenal, the amount of small packs I saw! At least a platoon worth, and they weren't all gaggle'd together so I don't think it was a course or an actual platoon :P. It was kind of cute actually! LOL
  11. Pte.Butt

    The Battle of Arghandab - June 2008

    Give'm hell boys!  >:D RIP to our fallen allies  :salute: and a speedy recovery to the wounded troop!
  12. Pte.Butt

    The Reserve Thread- A Merged Collection of Q & A's

      Read my profile, it's filled out for a reason, I recommend you fill yours out. What province I am from is irrelevant, the rules and regulations, and enrollment requirement are the same nation-wide.
  13. Pte.Butt

    The Reserve Thread- A Merged Collection of Q & A's

    I was enrolled into the Canadian Forces, and begun my Basic Military Qualifications while I was 16. You, are incorrect, I suggest you listen to what the members that have more then a few months in the military have to say, trust me they know, and you don't.
  14. Pte.Butt

    N.L. children find body inside suitcase

    Coming from someone who lives in St.John's, AND in that neighbor hood, trust me, it was a wooded area behind a few houses on Warbury St. They have the entire wooded area lined of with yellow police tape. *edited for a silly typo
  15. Pte.Butt

    N.L. children find body inside suitcase

      Rather quite a shocker, Warbury street is about 200 meters from my street. The wooded area they likely found the body in (the area I am thinking of) I used to play spotlight in my pre-teenhood.
  16. Pte.Butt

    Updated Tribute Video

      It's a very moving tribute, and I honestly think it should be aired on TV. I agree with Sigger, I don't like seeing all these updates.
  17. Pte.Butt

    Vandal defaces fallen firefighters memorial in Toronto

      You know, although I don't support it, I can see why some people have mixed feelings about our profession (Military) and deface monuments set for us, wither we like it or not we DO have a controversial job. But an attack at firefighters? whose goal is too save homes and lives? Some people...
  18. Pte.Butt

    Stupidiot tries to cash $360 billion forged cheque

    It's possible the $5 was real. Take a look into your wallet, and compare the 5 dollar bills. The newer ones (crisp, no crinkles/wrinkles) to the older ones, (wrinkly, faded etc...) Generally all the wear and tear and older bill sees it actually compresses. I would venture to say, that if you...
  19. Pte.Butt

    Canadian Military Slang

    They missed the blue rockets.  ;)