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  1. RetiredRoyal

    The "Posted To Winnipeg" Merged Thread

    I've been in Winnipeg since 1994. If I was moving here, all over again, I'd live in Alberta. Other than that. The cheapest and homes with the safest, most family like neighborhoods are Transcona. That said, its very far from the base. Depending what you drive, you'll spend $400 a month on gas...
  2. RetiredRoyal

    Prison Break Season 4...'haji's' wearing black beret with tri-force cap badge??

    So, i'm catching up on my prison break. In Season 4, episode 18 T-bag handcuffs himself to the gate of an embassy or something that the guys are trying to break into....T Bag engages what look and sound like Pakistani or East Indian guards in conversation protesting the abuse of elephants or...
  3. RetiredRoyal

    Rcvd OT msg to ATIS but still Army?

    My OT message to FE had me switching from air deu to land.... Was a typo... Woulda been cool though
  4. RetiredRoyal

    subcomponent transfer

    Found it. It was my terminology that was buggering up my search. It's called a transfer to other environments from the Primary Reserves. I found an Aide Memoire for Air Reserve Career Management Administration dated back to 2000 that describes the process. Heck, didn't  know we had careers...
  5. RetiredRoyal

    subcomponent transfer

    any idea how to transfer from one component of the reserves to another? Ie air reserves to army reserves. The reg's simply say that you can, can't find a 'how to' or application. I don't want to start asking my crew chief or warrant because I don't want to PO them. I still need to work here in...
  6. RetiredRoyal

    WTB: SSF Pipes & Drum metal hat badge.

    like the topic says, looking for the metal SSF P & D hat badge.
  7. RetiredRoyal

    Component Transfer ( CT ) - Reserve to Regular

    nah, i'm currently in the 'peg. My reserve unit is here.
  8. RetiredRoyal

    Component Transfer ( CT ) - Reserve to Regular

    should say on your offer who you belong to, ie gaining unit. You may be post to BTL AWTR which means base training list, awaiting training. That means you belong to the base chief and hopefully they'll find you meaningful employment until your course starts. I'm in the same position, posted to...
  9. RetiredRoyal

    How to Redress IRP Policy

    First, the result you want is the redress..the process is called a grievance. Basically, you're seeking redress to an injustice by way of formal grievance. The Grievance Manual states the grievance must be submitted to the CO "No later than six months after the occurrence of the issue raised in...
  10. RetiredRoyal

    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    The below was paraphrased to give some insight on the position of the players.. Bin rat " Of course Mr Air Force Flies on an Airplane trade Colonel, I can issue you one of them fancy schmancy cammo backpacks to carry your gear on your 8 DAY tour in theatre." Different bin rat, 5 minutes...
  11. RetiredRoyal

    DUI - Effects on Joining?

    i was charged and convicted of impaired driving in 1983 while a private in the infantry. I informed my CoC, got a royal a$$ chewing, did every extra duty in the unit for about 6 months. About 2 yrs after, i held a top secret security clearance. I left the forces, came back from civvy street...
  12. RetiredRoyal

    Support Our Troops - Stealing Magnets

    mine got swiped too
  13. RetiredRoyal

    Funny stories from camp

    lets see..i did range cadre at ipperwash one summer...there was one cadet who jammed their foam earplug so far into their ear, it had to be medically removed. Then hteres always one youngster who turns left instead of right when the command for march past on grad day comes...lol
  14. RetiredRoyal

    shacks on course in trenton?

    guess that info would have helped..i'm going on the basic flight engineer course...
  15. RetiredRoyal

    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    So, a student asks to speak to me in private. Comes into my office and asks me a bunch of questions about the military in general. States he's interested in finishing his AME program and then joining hte military as an AVS tech. Goes on a bit about the 'job' part of the gig and then says "i'm...
  16. RetiredRoyal

    shacks on course in trenton?

    I think this may be the right place for this...mods can move it if not.. I'm heading to trenton in the not too distant future for 7 weeks on course. I have not been to Trenton since *cough* 1996. Whats up with the accommodations there now, can you get modern amenities like internet and stuff?
  17. RetiredRoyal

    Naval Improved Clothing and Equipment (NICE) Project

    kinda looks like the security guard at polo park mall.
  18. RetiredRoyal

    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    while in norway one winter i worked in the BN CP as an infantry communicator...over the radio i hear a british accented voice on the net.. 'i've rolled my rover over, over'
  19. RetiredRoyal

    Reservists, what's your civy job/ field of study?

    licensed aircraft maintenance engineer, academic coordinator at a local ATO by day...avn tech by night and weekend.....until july 2
  20. RetiredRoyal

    What knife would you recommend?

    I actually prefer the gerber multi tools.