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  1. Sukintu

    WTS - Arc'teryx Mens BETA AR Small and CPGEAR 64 Pattern Bag + Compression Panel

    Both Items are now sold Thanks for the interest!
  2. Sukintu

    WTS - Arc'teryx Mens BETA AR Small and CPGEAR 64 Pattern Bag + Compression Panel

    Arc'teryx BETA AR SMALL MENS BLACK - $275 + Shipping - Used, wear on the neck label -Lifetime Warranty Also Selling: Used but looks new CPGEAR 64 Pattern Rucksack BAG OD (No Frame) - $35 CPGEAR A7A Compression Panel (1 Vertical Row of Molle on the outside was cut SEE PICS) OD - $20...
  3. Sukintu

    CADPAT/Tan/OD Gear, Pouches and Rucks

    What model is the Kifaru G2 ruck?
  4. Sukintu

    Apple says its iconic founder, Steve Jobs, has died

    They paid tribute on the site as well. www.apple.com
  5. Sukintu

    WTS- CRKT Ultima Knife & Modular Universal Hydration System Carrier - 3L

    I have a CRKT Ultima Knife (used just to test the knife out) and the cpgear Universal Hydration System Carrier in TW (BRAND NEW NEVER USED), WITHOUT A BLADDER, for sale as well. The knife with Veff serations (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3etVtaOJwmo)  ($95) and...
  6. Sukintu

    The Great Boot Review

    Has anyone else found the swat boot laces hard to tighten up? Or them slipping out occasionally? I've had these problems, just curious if anyone had a solution to the problem.
  7. Sukintu

    CP Gear Tac-Vest Hyration Harness Review Lots of picture's

    Can you use this WITHOUT the Tact-Vest? I'm looking for one which I could use with my tact vest and take it off when I'm not using the vest.
  8. Sukintu

    The Reserve Thread- A Merged Collection of Q & A's

    Some units even have their own weight room, and mabye you can go there for free instead of the gym  :o
  9. Sukintu

    Berets and How to Form Them

    I saw some guys from the 48th, doing their sq with balmorals and infantry badges... Have times changed?
  10. Sukintu

    Leave Policy – Weekends (time off) Merged]

    You can't get credits for the WEEKEND bmq, but you CAN for the highschool Co-op program. You have to go through your school to get the credits  :P
  11. Sukintu

    Berets and How to Form Them

    Since there's numerous ways to forming a beret, what about balmorals for the Scottish and Highland regiments?
  12. Sukintu

    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    Recruting Center: Toronto Regular/Reserve: Reserve Officer/NCM: NCM Trade Choice 1: Infantry R031- 48th highrs Trade Choice 2: Trade Choice 3: Application Date: January 17th, 2008 First Contact: February 2008 Med, aptitude completed : Medical completed October 2008, Aptitude completed February...
  13. Sukintu

    Toronto Swear-in Ceremony

    He's going reg force, if you look at his profile. Swearing in your unit armoury is for reservists.
  14. Sukintu

    PT test question

    It was easy the first time, what can be so different about the second? haha.....Yep, I'll get right on it, still a little confused about WHY I would need to redo it, but like you said, they would know.
  15. Sukintu

    PT test question

    Yes I am, and that puts me in a weird situation, since it hasn't been 12 months, mabye it's close to it.
  16. Sukintu

    PT test question

    Sorry, it is the Physical Fitness test.
  17. Sukintu

    PT test question

    Has anyone ever heard of re-taking the PT test, even if it was passed? I've been in the application process since January, and I got my medical sorted out, but I called in today and they said I needed to re-do my physical. I can't see why I would need to if I passed it before....does anyone know...
  18. Sukintu

    Ok the last of my medical information is finally in!

    I got my final medical papers in at the end of September (I'm going for reserves), and two weeks later I got the call. I guess it's different for all CFRC's.
  19. Sukintu

    Where do you like to Dine in your community?

    Toronto: Dangerous Dan's Diner. http://www.dangerousdansdiner.com/ I'm pretty sure the menu speaks for itself.......... "The Coronary Burger Special 2 8oz Patties, 4 Slices of Bacon, 2 Slices of Cheddar and a Fried Egg on top. Served w/ Fries and Gravy, Can of Pop and Mayo as a garnish for...