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  1. hambley92

    VAdm Norman - Supply Ship contract: Legal fight

    Given that the government won't even release information to his lawyer, I can't imagine they would want the trial to be held publicly.
  2. hambley92

    Former U.S. military service

    I think you misread the post.
  3. hambley92

    Cheating on cfat

    Had it just been the first post I would have said troll, but given the follow up I am thinking it is the latter. Entertaining nonetheless.
  4. hambley92

    Cheating on cfat

    The fact that the application process was started in 2010 though... I don't think CFAT cheating was the only issue.
  5. hambley92

    U.S. Basic Training compared to CAF

    Short answer: no Long(er) answer: Not nearly as intense as some videos you've watched, though everybody's experience will be different and a lot of it will depend on your instructors.
  6. hambley92

    All things beardy-2005 to 2018 (merged)

    Better than not at all. Plus there aren't many seagoing billets for me in Ottawa right now anyway ;)
  7. hambley92

    All things beardy-2005 to 2018 (merged)

    This makes me happy that I am Navy, though I feel for my colleagues who wear a different DEU and anxiously await BEARDFORGEN.
  8. hambley92

    Naval Boarding Party.

    A lot of training. Some boardings. Define combat. Have they encountered aggresive people during a boarding? Probably. However, they are not a combat unit. Looooooooooool no. They do not belong to Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM).
  9. hambley92

    I want to hear about where your interest for the military comes from!

    I just wanted the free soup at 10 o'clock. Also my sarcasm isn't as welcome in other workplaces.
  10. hambley92

    Unveiling of New CANSOFCOM Dress Uniform

    From the CAF Dress Instructions (3-2-3): 14. Canadian Special Operations Forces Command officers who are qualified operators or in select senior appointments and entitled to wear the CANSOFCOM DEU shall wear the same rank insignia as Army officers as illustrated in Figure 3-2-1 and Figure...
  11. hambley92

    Combat Boots policy 2018-CANFORGEN 127/18

    This doesn't address the whole CoC direction/guidance argument, but just wanted to point out that actually the CANFORGEN includes the fin coding so while my unit doesn't fall under CA, we will most definitely be charging our boot charges to themĀ  :nod:
  12. hambley92

    Combat Boots policy 2018-CANFORGEN 127/18

    "Sgt I have one pair of purchased boots from last FY. I'd like to buy a second pair and use my current ones as my backups as it is always a good idea to have two pairs of appropriate boots for courses, exercises, deployments etc. Can I go get a second pair so that I don't have crappy issued...
  13. hambley92

    Combat Boots policy 2018-CANFORGEN 127/18

    I don't think I can accurately express how happy I am that the 3 Div direction does not apply to me. What a ridiculous system. I was responsible for coming up with my unit's direction and all that was required was to weed out the stuff people don't care about (phase 2 and 3) and summarize the...
  14. hambley92

    3b released member looking at homelessness

    I suggest contacting VETS Canada (www.vetscanada.org)
  15. hambley92

    Keep my car, or buy a truck?

    :ditto: The military should have no impact on this decision. It's totally up to you. Nobody will care what kind of car you have unless it starts putting you into financial distress.
  16. hambley92

    How does the pay rate work?

    You will start out at the basic pay rate for your rank and move up to the next level after being in your rank for one year. Each subsequent year in rank you will move up one level.
  17. hambley92

    Medal Mounting

    It's because you will get charged for the total number of medals you have each time you add one as they need to take it apart to add the new one.
  18. hambley92

    BMOQ Awards

    I would argue that nobody cares in St Jean either. It's basic training so just go there, finish it, move on.
  19. hambley92

    Tattoo Thread - including current policy [MERGED]

    I've never had an issue with it. I have visible tattoos on both arms. I've never had a negative experience because of it. There are definitely some folks - both officers and non-commissioned - who believe that officers shouldn't have visible tattoos. There are also many who love it and it is a...
  20. hambley92

    Logistics Officer - Sea [Merged]

    If I recall correctly, my army and air force colleagues selected their specialty course during Logistics Officer Course (Common) while in Borden. You will have your pick of Finance, HR, Supply (and maybe one more that I am forgetting before my first coffee). Movements and Foods are further...