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  1. jmlane

    "Apply Now" not working

    If you go to the Contact Us page on FORCES.CA, you will see the "If you experience problems with the Online Application, please send us an email." instruction near the very bottom.
  2. jmlane

    New Canada-Croatia military partnership

    I know it is only human to associate the evil done under a certain label with that label itself. I hope we can find a way to remember past injustices and honour those who suffered under them, without that past impairing our ability to strive toward future cooperation, and hopefully, eventually...
  3. jmlane

    POET calculator?

    How could it hurt to bring it, even if you cannot or will not use it? Does not seem like a bad idea in any respect, but alas, I have no idea how such an aid would be viewed by the POET staff. POET sounds like a cool course. Hope it goes well for you.
  4. jmlane

    Questions about Artillery NCM duties and career progression

    Thanks for the helpful reply, Fatalize.
  5. jmlane

    Questions about joining reserves as a medical technician

    tanman, just a bit of advice: this is exactly the type of response that is going to get you *unwanted* attention from the staff, moderation team, and long-standing members. I suggest you carefully moderate your tone and language in future posts, if you legitimately want to see a helpful answer...
  6. jmlane

    Questions about Artillery NCM duties and career progression

    CDN Aviator, I am not claiming to know with certainty for which job I would be best suited. I do, however, have a good initial sense of this based on my research of what is possible. I shall endeavour to avoid making assumptions about jobs in which I have no experience. While I respect the...
  7. jmlane

    Questions about Artillery NCM duties and career progression

    Thanks, jeffb and Old Sweat, for calling attention to that fact that the guns are the entire purpose of the artillery. I do not wish to appear critical of the gun line duties, since they are essential to ensuring proper indirect fire support. My questions stem from my wanting to be mentally...
  8. jmlane

    BMQ easy style?

    Speaking from the perspective of someone who has a very good cardiovascular endurance (long distance running) but trouble building upper-body strength, doing sufficient push-ups, sit-ups, and whatever strength based PT is usually expected at BMQ will not necessarily follow. OP may wish to...
  9. jmlane

    Medical Technician's and the Combat Arms.

    It may be considered busy work for those members that signed-up to do a job that they did not think included such duties, regardless of how necessary it may be in actuality. My point was that the recruiting materials and information given by some recruiters do not always honestly disclose the...
  10. jmlane

    Questions about Artillery NCM duties and career progression

    Thanks jeffb, that is really encouraging. It is nice to hear that their are possibilities in artillery beyond crewing the guns as a fresh Gunner.
  11. jmlane

    Comm Research

    Thanks hotei. Stellar reply. Good to know that for those with initiative and ambition, there can be lots to do.
  12. jmlane

    Comm Research

    Do you get to do anything interesting and somewhat relevant to your trade in those 2 years of waiting for clearance, or is it plainly 2 years of waiting before you could starting training for anything trade related?
  13. jmlane

    Questions about Artillery NCM duties and career progression

    Thanks Fatalize. Some of those sound very attractive as goals once a trained and qualified Gunner. Are all those positions held by Artillery NCMs or are some embedded support trades, i.e. the Pronto or QM?
  14. jmlane

    Questions about Artillery NCM duties and career progression

    Thanks for the replies. Some great info being collected in this thread which is helping create a better informed picture of life as a new Gunner. I realized there was some (for a lack of a better term) dismounted soldering duties involved for gunners, but I wasn't sure who would do this, how...
  15. jmlane

    2 and a half years down the line...

    Thanks for the clarification, G2G.
  16. jmlane

    Army Communication & Information Systems Specialists (Sig Op, Lineman and LCIS Amalgamation)

    Ah, that makes sense. Thank you for the clarification.
  17. jmlane

    Communications and Electronics Engineering ( CELE )

    Thanks again for the valuable information, Occam. My interest in the CELE trade is a bit of a long term goal (5-10 years most likely) as I have yet to complete my undergrad and I am contemplating some time in as an NCM for the unique experience that will offer (and the financial benefits...
  18. jmlane

    Controversial contractors paid $2.4M by Canadian Forces

    Is this undermining of the CF by the CBC a political issue? I have no concept of the history involved and would be interested in any materials that can shed light on this historical issue.
  19. jmlane

    Controversial contractors paid $2.4M by Canadian Forces

    I wonder if that is due to the cultural differences between Canadian—with our geographic isolation—and the European intimate knowledge and history of conflict. Surely it is more complex than that, but maybe that is enough to shift public opinion from fear and misunderstand to empathy and...