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  1. Garbageman

    CF-18's to AFG?

    Interesting update/clarification: http://www.forces.gc.ca/site/newsroom/view_news_e.asp?id=2078 Statement by the Department of National Defence NR-06.064 - September 22, 2006 OTTAWA - The Department of National Defence issued the following statement today: In the Toronto Star article of...
  2. Garbageman

    Naval Equipment Recognition Thread

    Correct you are.  Japanese Coast Guard Medium Patrol Vessel (PM-type), 350-ton-type AMAMI. Oh, and I'll take the Steelers by 4.
  3. Garbageman

    Naval Equipment Recognition Thread

    Fire away...
  4. Garbageman

    Traffic Technician ( merged )

    If you're referring to me, then yeah, that's pretty much the case.  Minus the 'see the world' bit, although that would be nice.  I get more than enough vacation to do that on my own, but deployments would certainly be an interesting challenge that I'd love to give a shot. I'm essentially trying...
  5. Garbageman

    Traffic Technician ( merged )

    Some info available here: http://army.ca/forums/threads/27033.0.html
  6. Garbageman

    Traffic Technician ( merged )

    Sorry to dredge up an old topic, but I'm wondering if anyone can provide any insight into what role reservists have as traffic techs.  Would a reserve traffic tech have any chance of working as a loadmaster, or are those positions generally held for regular force?  Would most units be open to...
  7. Garbageman

    Event at CFB Borden

    There is a rather large professional go-kart race happening in Barrie on the same weekend.  It's down by the water, and is going on both Saturday and Sunday, with FREE admission. Just a little FYI if anyone feels like visiting the beautiful shores of Kempenfelt Bay before/after the air show...
  8. Garbageman

    Air Navigators

    I'd also be curious as to what opportunities (if any) there are out there for Reserve Air Nav if you are not previously MOC qualified as one.  Does such a beast exist?  I understand that the BANC would require a full-time commitment for the duration of the course (aprox. 10 months?), but I don't...
  9. Garbageman

    Reserve Co-op enrollment 2014-2017

    I'm currently teaching co-op, and have one of my students placed with a militia unit.  Not all units run the same training, and not all units even run the militia co-op program, but it's definitely a great opportunity if it's available to you.  I can tell you all about what my student is...
  10. Garbageman

    Entering the CF and YOUR Money....

    Isn't this a just a tad contradictory?  Or are financial advisors not "other people"? Also, if a financial advisor really knows all, then why aren't they financially independent, and hence, retired? Just a little food for thought.  I know financial advisors can be very helpful, but I believe...
  11. Garbageman

    Air Force CE

    Did you happen to notice if the curling rink was still there?  My Grandfather helped build it once upon a time. 
  12. Garbageman

    The air cadet thread

    Unfortunately, this ugly beast is indeed quite prevalent.  Some of us refer to it as the "TAG (Toronto Air Group) Bounce", and it often gets reinforced for some reason at the summer training centres.  If this is the way staff cadets were taught at their home sqns, it is unfortunately the way...
  13. Garbageman

    Question need some help...

    16 Wing Borden JUST started taking College co-op students, and that took a lot of convincing.  Those are students taking an Aviation Management program, so it's not likely that they'd be keen on taking on high school students with no formal training.  Who knows, I could be mistaken, but...
  14. Garbageman

    Question need some help...

    After talking to some other people, I've learned that the Lorne Scots did at one time offer a militia co-op program.  Just not sure if they still do or not.  Since you're getting paid to do it though, it would be easy for you to commute into a unit somewhere else if you had to (my student takes...
  15. Garbageman

    Question need some help...

    foxtwo, I'm a co-op teacher, and currently have one student doing a militia co-op placement with an armoured recce unit.  Since you're interested in the Lorne Scots, I'm going to assume that you're in the Brampton area.  I'm not 100% sure if they offer a militia co-op program or not, as not...
  16. Garbageman

    Air Reserve Questions:

    Short answer, YES.  CATO 13-7: http://www.cadets.ca/_docs/cato-oaic/1307_b.pdf But why would you want to do both at the same time?  And while I think Inch's advice is sound, I would say you'd be better off staying in cadets and doing the reserves later.  If you want to be a pilot in the CF...
  17. Garbageman

    New guy, introduction and a question or two.

    Try to rethink this one.  Instead of looking at it as a 10 year commitment, think of it as a GUARANTEED job for 10 years!  Nowhere in private industry can that offer be made (especially for us Artseys!).
  18. Garbageman

    Requirements for Airforce Pilot

    From what I have seen, this is not at all true.  When I went through, 2 out of 8 passed.  1 had his commercial pilot's licence, the other had never even been in an airplane before.
  19. Garbageman

    The air cadet thread

    80 Sqn reunion time! Cadet 1992-1998, 102 Barrie Silver Fox Sqn Staff 1998-2002, 80 K-W Spitfire Sqn Staff 2002-now, 102 Barrie Silver Fox Sqn Smarten up Cressman. BF.
  20. Garbageman

    Entering the CF and YOUR Money....

    A couple of points: 1.  If you're investing in an RRSP, then theoretically this is a long-term move, so looking at your fund's performance every day will only drive you to drink.  2-5 year returns are far more useful indicators. 2.  That Energy Fund has already made a pile of money.  This...