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  1. gunner56


    FWIW,I'm a type1 diabetic and I was attested 4 Jan 07. I've also just passed BOQ. It took 2 yrs for the paperwork to get through the system,but here I am. Talk to CFRC. Good Luck,I hope you make it.
  2. gunner56

    CIC Recruiting

    I'm going for BOQ,8-17 May07 in Edmonton. Anyone else?
  3. gunner56

    Lee Enfield Mark 1 No. 4

    At my Corps(1292 LdSH(RC)RCACC) we use N0.7's for marksmanship& Dewat No.4.s for Guard &Flag Party. The Cadets love both and they really look sharp on parade.We also fix bayonets(Spike type) with Flag Pty. :salute:
  4. gunner56

    2509 RCSigs RCACC in '72-'76 - Are you still around?

    Looking for Peter Hauenstein,Sonny Michaud & anyone from 2509 RCSigs RCACC in '72-'76.Contact John,flaco@telus.net (Edit by Moderator to place Corps info and dates in title.)
  5. gunner56

    Wet Weather Combat Boots: Use, Maintenance & Other Stuff.

    Thanks,Sloaner. I appreciate the info. :salute:
  6. gunner56

    Wet Weather Combat Boots: Use, Maintenance & Other Stuff.

    Does anybody know if CIC Pers are allowed to wear wwb's? I have a pair(red lining,hard sole)that I bought from CEL Surplus in '04,and our TrgO told me that I need a Dr's note. I have type 1 diabetes,so foot care &protection in cold weather are extra important. I usually wear mk 3"s except when...
  7. gunner56

    CIC Recruiting

    I seriously believe that the Cadet Movement is the best thing for Canada's youth outside of the Christian Church(IMHO). I love it,and if the cadets do as well,then we're doing our job right. I originally got into cadets in 1972. The guy who recruited me is now a LCOL in the LdSH,and was a C/Sgt...
  8. gunner56

    CIC Recruiting

    Diabetes is what stopped me from re-upping in my old Reg't during Gulf War 1. Thank GOD for the CIC. I get to work with a great bunch of Officers, CI's, CV's, and of course the best cadets in Canada(1292 LdSH(RC)RCACC). I love it! ;D
  9. gunner56

    CIC Recruiting

    On 4 Jan 07,I was finally attested as an OCdt .I waited as fast as I could for the process to be completed(2 years). If you are waiting as well...wait faster! Barring any major health(type 1 diabetes,etc) or other issues,you'll get there too. Patience has it's own rewards. How long did your...
  10. gunner56

    Any 2137, 2509, 2554 or 3125 army cadets out there?

    Hi. I was in 2509 from Oct 72 to Mar 74. Capt Ethier was CO
  11. gunner56

    Friendly Fire by Michael Friscolanti

    Friendly Fire is also available through Military Book Club.I've ordered a copy,and I'mlooking forward to reading it.MBC can be found online if anyone's interested.
  12. gunner56

    Pace Sticks and Drill Canes

    I'm a C.I. with 1292 LdSH RCACC,and in our Corps,The RSM carries a pace stick,CSM and troop commanders (W.O.'s or Sgt.'s)have drill canes.
  13. gunner56

    Your Body Weight

    I'm not serving at present,although I am waiting as fast as I can to hear about my application to CIC. I'm 6'3" and I weigh about 210-215.Not too bad for a type 1 Diabetic(or,so says my Doc). :)
  14. gunner56

    Dishonourable Discharge?

    My app is in,so I'm waiting as fast as I can.Next steps are medical and interview.Meanwhile...I'm enjoying C.I. status with 1292 LdSH cadets in Calgary.No.1 Corps in Alberta,ya know!
  15. gunner56

    Dishonourable Discharge?

    Ya know,geo,I'd love to.The problem is...I'm 48,and I have type 1 diabetes.So I guess my only choice is CIC...if they'll have me,that is.
  16. gunner56

    Dishonourable Discharge?

    ???Gee,that's odd. My Statement of Service(dated15 Jun 78),and my dad's from WW2,both indicate "Honourable"on line 6(Type of Retirement or Discharge.
  17. gunner56

    Tac Signs,etc.

    Hey,thanks,Piker! That'l help a whole bunch. :salute:
  18. gunner56

    Tac Signs,etc.

    I'm not sure that I'm in the right place,but... I am a civilian instructor with 1292 LdSH cadets in Calgary,and I need to know tac signs,their meaning,and unit sizes.Approx imate numbers of pers. in each unit would also be helpful. For some reason,this info was not taught to me when I was in...
  19. gunner56

    Cadet Comabt Badges

    I don't know about your corps,but in 1292 LdSH Cadets,the cadets wear combat rank insignia attatched to brassards with their field uniforms(combats).They also have cadet insignia(RCACC) sewn on to eliminate confusion.No nat'l flag crests,though.
  20. gunner56

    D-Day/Juno Beach Books

    What about JUNO ,Canadians at D-Day,by Ted Barris(forward by John Keegan)?