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  1. Bobbyoreo

    I want my mommy ! Paris Hilton cries the Blues.

    Im with you Armyrick.. I dont know why people care so much about this chick.
  2. Bobbyoreo

    George Canyon to record tribute video

    Saw this video a day ago thought it was a great tribute to the forces. Great job :salute: :cdn:
  3. Bobbyoreo

    Standing Contingency Task Force: A Canadian Marine Unit?

    I know I saw something about this on the DIN a month or two ago about making a new SF unit out west. I don't recall the name of it. Something along the lines of Reconnaissance...something something. I tried the search on this site and on the din and have got nothing. I know the clip talked about...
  4. Bobbyoreo

    Extreme heat in army tanks endangers troops; forces use tank blanket to keep troops from baking

    I thought I was drunk when I saw something on the news about this on Sunday....then I couldnt find anything at all about this....good to see that Im not losing it. Hope this comes to light. Would be fricken sweet to see more armour.
  5. Bobbyoreo

    Afghan Detainee Mega Thread

    Whats abuse when it comes to prisoners and war. I bruise..cut...I dont understand. I think its good that they are investigating it but even if they find nothing was done wrong by our troops...its still wont be enough for people. They'll just say the Forces are covering it up.
  6. Bobbyoreo

    Bihac, Bosnia

    Where did they put you guys up in that town now?
  7. Bobbyoreo

    Time To Dust Off Our M109???

    M109's were mothballed...I sent the ones from Shilo to Meaford for storage...unless they used them for targets ;D
  8. Bobbyoreo

    Regulations for Civy's driving DND vehicles

    I did see the civy sitting in the drivers seat before the car was crushed....but never saw him drive it(grey cup)
  9. Bobbyoreo

    T.O. judge orders Christmas tree out of lobby

    For those who don't celebrate Christmas....just call it a 6 foot air freshener.  LOL...nearly wet myself!!! love it!!! ;D
  10. Bobbyoreo

    T.O. judge orders Christmas tree out of lobby

    naaaa...Im to busy just being me...
  11. Bobbyoreo

    T.O. judge orders Christmas tree out of lobby

    This is friggin dumb...its the time of year that alot of use celebrate...deal with it..if you don't celebrate it..then don't worry about it...a tree is not going to hurt your feelings....its part of life...man I don't get mad everytime I see other religions celebrating something..grow up!!!
  12. Bobbyoreo

    G&M: CBC's military obsession just feels creepy

    Papatango.....its Facta Non Verba.....
  13. Bobbyoreo

    CF experience relevant to RCMP, civ policing? (merged)

    Ive recently heard of 3 ex members of 2vp quiting the RCMP and heading back to the unit. I wonder if there was more expected from the police or why this is happening, cause it just cant be because of the blades....as the forces have alot of their own. Anyways I wish you the best in your new/old...
  14. Bobbyoreo

    The Merged Maher Arar Thread

    "This man is just out seeking money now..nothing more. And people here wouldn't do the same thing? Gimme a break. " Sorry Spud...Im not one of them.
  15. Bobbyoreo

    The Merged Maher Arar Thread

    That's what I think too. It'll take Years to get the trust back for alot of people. Plus I really think the US should stand up and say hey..we did our part too...as we are the ones that sent him to Syria
  16. Bobbyoreo

    The Merged Maher Arar Thread

    This man is just out seeking money now..nothing more.
  17. Bobbyoreo

    The Merged Maher Arar Thread

    I fell bad for the guy. He did great things in his time as an RCMP officer. I wish him the best in the rest of things down the way. :salute: :cdn:
  18. Bobbyoreo

    U.S. Military Deserters in Canada Megathread

    Bottom line is these people got what they wanted from the forces...and when the forces asked for something back..they ran. POint in life in the forces..you can't pick your war...