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    RCMP officers told not to wear symbol depicting ‘thin blue line’

    Are you sure you're not an MP? Sounds an awful lot like the problems in that organization
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    The Post-pandemic Canadian Armed Forces

    I just wanna jump on this, I had heard the military was ordered to back pay for short Changing troops related to TD travel; as they were only reimbursing up to 500km one way for pmv travel, but didn't seek treasury board approval for the change. Any news on this front?
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    DND Accused of Using Pandemic to Withhold Info- Broad Topic of Clerks+Per File

    I dont comment very often; but I have highlighted  somethings I would like to comment on. By no means do I mean any disrespect, but I feel like the above yellow highlighted comment is a bit of a nuance no? I mean I think we can all agree we know what he was referring to when he said clerk, seems...
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    CAF Beard policy-CANFORGEN 158/18

    Just my  :2c:, but one would think if he made it to the level of CAFCWO, he might understand that decisions on policy come from the officer side of the house. Equally so, one could argue the email was sent out with the blessing of the CDS, who ultimately decided on this change in policy. I...
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    CAF Beard policy-CANFORGEN 158/18

    I was hoping to have the original email from the CAFCWO! Adds ammunition to a members argument if they have today defend themselves with their chain! We are already seeing different interpretations of this policy, regardless of clear direction from higher; and potential threats from a Wing CWO...
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    CAF Beard policy-CANFORGEN 158/18

    Hit the nail on the head IMO. It is a sign of weak leadership at all levels when this type of thing is allowed to fester; from the Sgt/Junior officer level all the way to the command team level for not pushing back at these contradictory orders and directives; same thing is occurring with boot...
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    CAF Beard policy-CANFORGEN 158/18

    I don't see this as an unnecessary fight! The CoC in some locations is actively defying the will and orders of the CDS. It may seem like a small issue with beards, but it is a symptom of a wider problem imo. If you don't push back when the CoC is being unreasonable and, in this case, actively...
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    CAF Beard policy-CANFORGEN 158/18

    Think you could post this email on the forum? Or get a copy of it somehow? My CoC told me I was to ask permission to grow a beard, and upon permission I had 30 days to prove I could grow a beard, if not , no further attempts would be authorized. Obviously upon reading your post, I became...
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    VAC wait times

    Well that's interesting, because I called them yesterday and I was told April 2017! They just jumped 7 months in a day! *Edit* turns out the Nov 2017 is for reassessment, April 2017 is for First Application Considering my application is August 2017, I wondering when they are gonna give me a...
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    Here’s What To Do If A Border Guard Wants To Search Your Phone

    This authority granted to them is very similar to the authority granted to MPs under DCAAR and ISDR when entering and exiting a defence establishment. MPs have absolute authority to search your person and personal property. While entering, you may refuse but will be denied entry to the defence...
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    Lost - Missing Kit ( merged )

    That doesn't negate the MPs from investigating the losses, even if there is a maximum reimbursable amount. My recommendation would be to continue looking, so you don't open yourself to unnecessary scrutiny.
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    Lost - Missing Kit ( merged )

    This was my thoughts as well, but I didn't want to say it lol! This list of missing stuff does certainly look suspicious to say the least, might warrant a look! Dollar amount is easily over 500$, given the coat and pants themselves are close to 400$ But I'd like to give the benefit of the...
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    Lost - Missing Kit ( merged )

    Cadpat uniforms are controlled and have to be reported to the MPs. Depending who you talk to, that includes the rain jacket and pants, because it carries the cadpat pattern, but I'm not exactly sure about that As for the other stuff, you'll have to likely fill a lost report and will be charged...
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    CAF Combat boots policy 2005-2018

    Rumour mill is running at full speed these days. The new rumour is a canforgen authorizing civilian pattern boots to be worn and reimbursed up to $340 a year per member. Can someone confirm or deny this rumour? I want to believe, the military has been making real efforts lately to address the...
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    Prime Minister questioned about expenses

    Fair enough, Harrington Lake isn't an official residence, my mistake; but my point remains valid imo. The PM, whatever political stripe, has been known to host dignitaries at that residence, and 24 Sussex has been used as well. It should be maintained, and past Prime Ministers have added to the...
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    Prime Minister questioned about expenses

    I mean in the interests of fairness, every PM has added to the residence during their time there. For example, the previous PM, Harper, had the following expenses paid for at public expense while in office at 24 Sussex: 1. Taxpayers generously paid $12,777 between 2011 and 2013 to install and...
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    MP recruiting 2017/18/19

    :facepalm: Don't give the member bad advice! It may not be a career course, but it certainly important.  :facepalm: The MP branch has decided that members need this course prior to going on their QL5 course, so many members are finding themselves delayed in their QL5 because they didnt have...
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    Arid small pack?

    Yep it exists, I'm issued one for an upcoming task;as for why it exists, beats me, but I'll tell you I'm glad to have that as opposed to the green bag on a tan background.
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    Ordered "to get a phone" / Contact Information [Merged]

    I completely agree, but doing routine section orders or routine admin stuff via text is sound leadership IMO. I have personally, on more occasions than I wish to count, have been sitting at a unit, not allowed to go do personal PT, admin, or professional development because I had to be at...
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    Ordered "to get a phone" / Contact Information [Merged]

    I guess we are resorting to name calling now? I may have expressed my point of view, but I never resorted to name calling; unless you consider me calling unnamed people who make ridiculous decisions good idea fairies, name calling? In which case I will apologize. You're probably right that the...