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  1. beach_bum

    Human Resource Admin Clerk (HRA Clk)

    I know of a Sgt in Esquimalt who did.  She was Admin...then RMS...now HRA.
  2. beach_bum

    R.I.P. "Two Fat Ladies"

    I loved that show.  RIP
  3. beach_bum

    Med staff wearing scrub tops

    Salmon is a manly fish..... ;D
  4. beach_bum

    Med staff wearing scrub tops

    I know in Vancouver at the MIR they were all wearing the maroon ones.  When I asked they said they were told to so they were more identifiable.
  5. beach_bum

    Vancouver Recruiting Centre????

    Yes it is.
  6. beach_bum

    Vancouver Recruiting Centre????

    By the way...if you Google it you will get the address.  ;)
  7. beach_bum

    Vancouver Recruiting Centre????

    The recruiting centre is indeed in NW.
  8. beach_bum

    Nursing Sister Georgina Fane Pope (1862-1938

    Interesting.  Quite a remarkable woman.
  9. beach_bum

    MATA and PATA ( Parental Leave )

    That's not true.  Class A soldiers as well as Class B who have finished their contracts are entitled as long as they have enough hours in the last year to qualify.  (I believe it's 600) I have seen Class A soldiers receive the benefits.  They do not have to go back to Class B after either.  They...
  10. beach_bum

    2 men hack soldier to death in UK, are then shot and wounded by police

    Sadly.  I still can't believe it.  Disgusting.
  11. beach_bum

    The Khadr Thread

    I was just thinking the same thing.
  12. beach_bum

    5D ....wth!

    Talk to your CFRC. They are the best ones to advise you.
  13. beach_bum

    Forced to pay / belong to a mess [Merged]

    I understand why a combined mess doesn't work everywhere, but it does here.  I have friends of all ranks and enjoy being able to have a drink in the mess with them. We have never had a problem here.
  14. beach_bum

    Amazon 'VEET for Men' reviews

    Wow..... just wow....can't think of anything else to say...
  15. beach_bum

    Amazon 'VEET for Men' reviews

    I was laughing so hard I actually started crying.  Those are some of the funniest things I have EVER read.
  16. beach_bum

    How scientifically literate are you? Take the quiz

    Ran out of time.  I was at 27 out of 35.  ;D
  17. beach_bum

    What book are you reading now?

    Fifty Shades
  18. beach_bum

    Funny Sins you have committed

    Really?  Once again...failing to see the humour in that. ::)
  19. beach_bum

    Funny Sins you have committed

    Sorry.  Failing to see the humour in tormenting someone with a mental illness.  ::)