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  1. Klc

    MTR2000 Programming Cable

    Sweet. I'll pass this on to the Tels Maint shop. I've had to replicate one in the past from the one we found in a toolbox...
  2. Klc

    Cap Badges

    Wow... I really wasn't trying to blame anything on anybody- and I feel I must say right off the bat that I definitely don't have any problems with the people in the supply world, whatsoever. I never said I was entitled to more then one. I said that we all have more than one. 'Lucky' everyone I...
  3. Klc

    Cap Badges

    Uhh.. you may have to add the 54 from my BMQ 2 years ago, as well as every other recruit in CFLRS at the time -- In fact, the second beret is actually in the locker layout, so It didn't seem like a new thing... I believe my coursemates on POET from Borden and Meaford BMQ's had the same. And on...
  4. Klc

    'Hated' church group to protest Tim McLean funeral

    So it turns out Tim is my second cousin.... Not close enough for me to go to the funeral, never really knew him. But I for damn sure know what I'm doing tomorrow around 2:30 PM. BTW, if there is any other members in Wpg details on the "wall of compassion" are in the facebook event below...
  5. Klc

    PRETC thread (merged)

    Of course, you should probably be more interested in info on CFSATE, where you would be on PAT, being an airforce trade...
  6. Klc

    Sig Op QL3 Cease of Training Rumour???

    Well, one course started about 2 weeks ago, so I can tell you at the very least that it hasn't happened yet.
  7. Klc

    December CP Gear Contest - Winter Photos

    NO! Click on THIS shameless plug! It delivers on it's empty promises SO much more and makes you feel EXTRA full of holiday cheer.  ;D
  8. Klc

    Swearing in

    People I enrolled with had taken buses down and were being reimbursed - they even paid me my two bucks to ride the bus for me, lol. Obviously ask the CFRC for instruction. As for the ceremony, mine was quiet with about 14 people at the recruiting centre. A good friend of mine had his enrollment...
  9. Klc

    Warning regarding Big Bad John (John Melvin Hill)

    Did I ever tell you guys about my years in the royal marines?  ;D
  10. Klc

    World's Smallest Machine Gun

    ALL cadet air rifles as of when I was a cadet (2002) are .177 calibre lead pellet. Both the 853c and the Anschütz 380 competition rifle.
  11. Klc

    Game off Discovery Channel

    lvl 14 - 144800... The timing on the ICBM is what killed me on 14 - Also a warning, direct fire doesn't seem to work on the upper half of the ICBM (at least in lvl 14) -- wasted 3 rounds flying thru it figuring that out.
  12. Klc

    Is bmq now 14 weeks?

    Haha - it IS Meaford I'm headed to --- at least I'm not the only LCIS on the serial, so I'm not running a HUGE risk of  being a target, lol.
  13. Klc

    TV 37" LCD

    Major electronics stores will have a delivery company that they frequently use. Takes a couple days, and 20-30 bucks (at least in the market I worked in)- but it solves your problem. Other then that, borrow a minivan or truck from a friend. Do not lay down unless absolutely necessary - and if...
  14. Klc

    PC Child Rearing

    I was eight 12 years ago in Winnipeg, and I walked to school alone all my life. I live to tell about it. :P
  15. Klc

    December CP Gear Contest - Winter Photos

    Is there a gallery for this month? It IS December, right? :P
  16. Klc

    The most dangerous things in the Army ... (besides Vern ;-) )

    Err... 500 000kg + weight of pail?
  17. Klc

    URINE Questions

    As of one year ago - there was defiantly urine screening as part of the medical. I seriously doubt this has changed.
  18. Klc

    What to do when pulled over by the Police

    The power supply is DC, but the pulses it uses are most definitely are AC -  at around 20hz
  19. Klc

    Kit Retention (Lack of it!!!) Upon Departing Saint Jean

    Same reason we sewed our nametags onto kit rather then writing it on... Something along the lines of "We know your either going to fail or VR anyway - so better to leave the kit for the REAL soldier who will take your place."  ;D
  20. Klc

    Is bmq now 14 weeks?

    13+1 Is what I did January 07.... which of course means SFA since they seem to change course lengths every few days.... I have a 4 week SQ coming up now that I'm done 7 months of POET; and my LCIS 3's have no end date, lol....  ;D