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  1. winnipegoo7

    $115 million EW upgrade for frigates.

    I think all military projects have problems. Military projects are often complex and as a result have many issues and teething problems. Some interesting cases are: - canadianizing the Victoria class - issues with the Cyclone helicopter - and I’m sure many more. A good read on the...
  2. winnipegoo7

    $115 million EW upgrade for frigates.

    In 2012 I worked in an office with a civilian engineer who programmed softkill systems and he was very opinionated on the 2 launcher purchase. His theory was that navy knew it needed 4 launchers, but couldn’t afford 4, so it only bought 2 knowing that they would need to buy more later. Ie...
  3. winnipegoo7

    $115 million EW upgrade for frigates.

    It was widely believed that 2 launchers would not be enough before FELEX upgrades began. German frigates are similar in size to CPFs and they required 4 launchers. So how would 2 launchers be enough for Canada? EW is science, not magic. And it shouldn’t take 9 years to do these kinds of...
  4. winnipegoo7

    $115 million EW upgrade for frigates.

    Or perhaps they realized 2 launchers aren’t enough to protect a CPF. The navy purchased MASS years ago,  2 launchers per frigate. Now they are purchasing a 3rd launcher for every frigate in order to provide 360 degree protection - according to the article. Edited to add: German frigates...
  5. winnipegoo7

    Canadian Forces' senior brass have been growing at a much faster rate...

    Edited again. I remember now. From the first page: “new and enabler capabilities (Space, cyber, CANSOF, AEWs, ...).” Does AEW mean air expeditionary wing? Thanks
  6. winnipegoo7

    Canadian Armed Forces members charged with importing controlled substance

    Apparently morphine pills https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/morphine-pills-navy-sailors-cfb-halifax-drug-charges-1.4789374
  7. winnipegoo7

    Norwegian F35's vs F22

    unfortunately manscaping hadn't been invented yet.  :nod:
  8. winnipegoo7

    Norwegian F35's vs F22

    Like this fellow
  9. winnipegoo7

    Graduate Studies / Master Degree / PhD [MERGED]

    I don't think Athabasca U offers a masters of public administration: http://www.athabascau.ca/programs/program-listings.php?/graduate/master/
  10. winnipegoo7

    War Without End

    Why did you join the thread if you aren’t able to discuss the topic? I ask because I find it strange when people make bold claims / statements, but when they are challenged they claim “OPSEC” and tell us to just trust them. Pet peeve of mine. Sorry.
  11. winnipegoo7

    May 2017 Manchester UK bombing (split fm Religious/Extremist Terrorism: Non-Muslim edition)

    In today's news: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6008369/Manchester-bomber-rescued-Royal-Navy-Libyan-warzone-evacuated-Britain.html
  12. winnipegoo7

    What book are you reading now?

    The Exile: The Stunning Inside Story of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda in Flight https://www.amazon.ca/Exile-Stunning-Inside-Story-Flight/dp/1620409844 I thought that I knew a fair bit about Al Qaeda, but I was wrong. Mind blowing book. Here's a review from Foreign Affairs magazine...
  13. winnipegoo7

    The Future of Turkey In NATO

    Interesting logic - not that I agree with it. Since you have these special first hand sources in Turkey could you please share their expert opinions regarding this subject? I would be very interested to know their opinions and this way I can avoid having to read all those ignorant (and...
  14. winnipegoo7

    The Future of Turkey In NATO

    I don’t follow you. What’s your point?
  15. winnipegoo7

    The Future of Turkey In NATO

    Turkey has always been a troublesome NATO member. They’ve never gotten along with Greece. And they battled the Canadian Airborne Regiment during their invasion of Cyprus in 1974. (2 Cdns killed and 30 wounded*). http://www.commando.org/airborne-history/cyprus/ *modified to add that I...
  16. winnipegoo7

    Kit stolen from vehicle

    I had a kit bag containing a couple uniforms, sleeping bag and some other stuff stolen from my car once years ago (2003?) on my way home from a weekend ex (stopped for groceries). I reported it to the local police, the MPs, my CoC and submitted a lost kit rep in which I declined responsibility...
  17. winnipegoo7

    Kids football team could be stuck in cave for months

    1. I think he’s brilliant 2. You obviously didn’t read anything that Elon Musk tweeted about rescue methods. (Hint - he made it very clear that he did not literally mean a submarine. 3. Apparently the final product ended up being a sort of body bag made by a company called Wing Inflatables...
  18. winnipegoo7

    Missile Misfire and Explosion on German Frigate

    - I don't know much about fire, but I'm guessing that this is because heat rises (bridge is higher than the fire, while the SeaRam is lower) and because the ship had forward momentum, so was sailing into the fire (bridge is behind fire, while Sea Ram is ahead of fire)... that's my poorly...
  19. winnipegoo7

    CH-148 Cyclone Progress

    I assume it is usually done for practice, but some real reasons might be: The helicopter might not always be able to land on the flight deck. The helicopter could be damaged and unable to safely land. The flight deck could be damaged; there could be objects on the flight deck blocking the deck...