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  1. rifleman

    The Defence Budget [superthread]

    Perhaps they could cut one battalion down to something like 10% Regular Force and 90% Reservist?
  2. rifleman

    What is with Comd RCN website?

    That would be an improvement
  3. rifleman

    Politics in 2013

    I'd say it might be that the PMO wasnt appearing to make it go away
  4. rifleman

    CF Army Combat Top is too long..

    Usually the third size is n/s
  5. rifleman

    engeneering experience

    Hey he wants to be a enjineer not an English major
  6. rifleman

    Cutting the CF/DND HQ bloat - Excess CF Sr Leadership, Public Servants and Contractors

    They'll likely need more people now to keep track of domestic, international and support issues all withing one organization.
  7. rifleman

    Robocall et al issue - Fed 2011 election

    What a stretch to evenĀ  try to tie that robocall to anything related to the allegation of misdirection to the wrong polling station....#fail :)
  8. rifleman

    U.S. 2012 Election

    It looks like they perhaps have to get those freeloading kids and seniors pulling their weight by getting jobs then ;D
  9. rifleman

    Problems and Bugs

    It happened for myself as well and I was just playing a few hours ago
  10. rifleman

    Problems and Bugs

    Doh! I wasn't paying attention to it costing MP tks
  11. rifleman

    Problems and Bugs

    Are you only able to claim one medal incentive for a specified period? I took one for 100 CE then couldn't claim any of the +% attention or reputation incentives
  12. rifleman

    Penthouse folding!

    and here I thought it was the magazine you wanted to fold
  13. rifleman

    Problems and Bugs

    I got 100 Total Pieces of Equipment Owned and the medal shows 100%, however there didn't see the claim incentive button. Did I miss something?
  14. rifleman

    Return of the Red Patch

    Nothing like cutting overhead by starting another HQ
  15. rifleman

    Promotions in the CAF [Merged]

    of course there is. currently they are considering taking "over the top boys" as the order for a charge from the trenches
  16. rifleman

    "The stuff the army issues is useless" and "no non-issue kit over seas!"

    Back in the day if you had nothing they would take that away too.
  17. rifleman

    Paying Compliments (Saluting, Verbal Address)

    There is already direction in the Drill and Ceremonial manual.
  18. rifleman

    Paying Compliments (Saluting, Verbal Address)

    Does he have a rucksack on?
  19. rifleman

    Unification is a child of the 1960s, so who is looking backward?

    Unfortunately that would only cause another "Greeter HQ" and all the advisors required resulting in one more task for units to accomplish ;D
  20. rifleman

    Unification is a child of the 1960s, so who is looking backward?

    I'd prefer to see some of the issues raised fixed than waste anymore time and energy on changing names and looking different. :2c: