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  1. mba2011

    Sexual Assault & Sexual Misconduct in the CF

    Always good to remind people of this, particularly given what just happened with LCol Stalker.....
  2. mba2011

    Canadian intelligence/security community, general thread

    Journeyman, Not at all, it has nothing to do with embarrassing short comings, its just difficult to have an open and informed discussion about how it is actually working when you can't fully discuss the realities of the topic. In terms of my first post, the CF Int community faces the same...
  3. mba2011

    Canadian intelligence/security community, general thread

    Mark, I would say that the links to your blog presents a picture of the CF and its Intelligence capability that is somewhat flawed. That said, as a whole, this site would not be the place to have an open discussion about out intelligence capabilities. Just my  :2c:
  4. mba2011

    Observations about Admins

    I am going to add my unsolicited 2 cents about this thread, simply because I can. This site can be a tremendous resource. The information that can be found on this site is fantastic, and can be very helpful. That said; there is, at times, a negative view of this site, because of the actions of...
  5. mba2011

    Intelligence Officer / Operator

    J-Rex, The courses have not yet switched over. The change will happen once the final serials are completed this fall. It originally was supposed to happen before the fall serials, however issues and delays have necessitated the revision of the  timeline. Cheers, Neverdismount
  6. mba2011

    CFRG and the broken recruiting system-Split

    I don't work in a CFRC or in the recruiting system at all, but I do have some insight into the Security Clearance side of things. Even for Enhanced reliability, they need to go through the office in Ottawa, which deals with All Security clearances for the CF. For Enhanced reliability status its...
  7. mba2011

    CFRG and the broken recruiting system-Split

    An interesting Article from Christine Blatchford on one man's attempts to join. I cannot speak for the Recruiting Center but if I got an email in all caps with that message, I probably wouldn't be to impressed either...
  8. mba2011

    Intelligence Officer / Operator

    Flyingismything, Reserves is the best way to work full time over the summer and part time through the school year. As far as I know, the only way to continue your studies and be reg force is to put a hold on university while you are undergoing training and then resume your studies on a part...
  9. mba2011

    The Rugby Thread- Merged Over The Years

    I think that it is getting in their heads. They fought hard and one against the Glasgow Warriors last weekend, and I think that they let it go to their heads. The win against Georgia was definetly a weak win. If the game had gone on 10 more minutes, I think it would have been a loss. Today's...
  10. mba2011

    Sexual Assault & Sexual Misconduct in the CF

    Very true Mr Viking. It is an problem though, guilty or innocent, that cases like this get tried in the Court of Public opinion first. Unfortunately it paints a disgusting picture before LCol Stalker has had the opportunity to defend himself or prove his innocence. As it was mentioned in the...
  11. mba2011

    New CDS Gen. Jonathan Vance (split fm CDS spec thread)

    Excellent Article David! Very Well written!
  12. mba2011

    Naval Boarding Party.

    There will be no change to the Naval Boarding Party on ships, they will continue to exsist as they do now. ENBP(Enhanced Naval Boarding Party) will be eventually tasked out onboard certain ships on certain deployments. Once the other ENBP team is trained, it will be posted to Halifax, one per coast.
  13. mba2011

    4 RN Sailors Charged with Gang Sexual Assault

    I did not phrase my previous comment about scrubbing pots or clearing brass properly at all, and wasn't trying to insinuate that they should not have their day in court; more to the point of wondering if they were going to be employed them in a job that would not impact anyone else or keep them...
  14. mba2011

    4 RN Sailors Charged with Gang Sexual Assault

    http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/4-british-sailors-charged-with-sexual-assault-at-cfb-shearwater-1.2332583 4 British sailors charged with sexual assault at CFB Shearwater CTVNews.ca Staff Published Friday, April 17, 2015 1:59PM EDT Last Updated Friday, April 17, 2015 4:30PM EDT Four members of...
  15. mba2011

    Canadian Decoration: C.D. [Merged]

    Its the Supply Chain in Action! :facepalm: It would be interesting to know where the issue is. Demand for the CD should be fairly easy to determine (Max Number of recipients + a fudge Factor) so It would seem that the issue is either on the manufacturer's side, or our own supply system.
  16. mba2011

    Drug use/drug testing in the CF (merged)

    Unfortunately, regardless of whether the attitude is changing in Canadian society, it is still illegal, both in the CAF and society.
  17. mba2011

    How to recind or dispose of a military qualification

    Easy now. I am a younger guy, 25>, reg force, and if I was loaded onto DDC or Dvr Wheeled and then place on duty as duty driver every weekend, I would be pissed to, especially when there is no need for me personally to be on duty every weekend (ie there are other people who could do it too). I...
  18. mba2011

    Service Battalion Shooter(Drink)

    True but if you are really careful and use the convex side of a bar spoon, you can layer ones that are slightly different densities. If you don't use a spoon, you need liquors with a greater difference of densities to layer properly. With a little food coloring, you can get creative. Usually...
  19. mba2011

    Pot-smoking Mountie can't smoke in uniform, RCMP says

    Roger that The RCMP mbr has a prescription but he has no business doing it in uniform. Its a stretch in my opinion to allow him to smoke up  at home before heading to your desk, as according to his doctor he needs to, but its absolutely ludicrous to allow him to smoke in uniform at work. Yes he...
  20. mba2011

    Platoon Types?

    Pet names given by one platoon to another. Hollywood= Platoon with the perceived easiest ride Hell/c@ck Platoon= The perceived hardest ride. Don't worry too much, its all pretty much irrelevant.