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  1. Sh0rtbUs

    Wainwright SQ Dates?

    Wait, so let me get this straight. The Army is going to treat me, like Im in the Army?! I need to call my file manager, thats not what I've been signing up for  ;) :rofl:
  2. Sh0rtbUs

    2006 Parliamentary Debate on AFG Mission

    Thanks Jake, Im finding the English to be pretty easy to follow...
  3. Sh0rtbUs

    Any Advice

    Congrats, feel free to let us know what you thought of your BIQ.  :)
  4. Sh0rtbUs

    Good Plan??

    It really doesnt matter what career you are undertaking, be it civilian or military. High School is simply a must have nowadays. To be blunt, you would be an absolute fool to drop out of High School. I stuck it out, and I hated it just as much as the next guy. My grades werent the best, but I...
  5. Sh0rtbUs

    Brokeback Jiu Jitsu

    It appears as if he stood to break the guard, and in doing so fed his right arm too deep. The bloke on the bottom saw the opprotunity, and it looks as if he was trying to keep the arm in and potentially set him up for an arm bar. Man on top, sat the weight back (more commonly found in a...
  6. Sh0rtbUs

    What's wrong with Meaford?

    Although Meaford isnt my favorite base, it still doesn't quite bring on that sinking feeling that Borden does. Everytime i step into the Borden training area, I feel like i just walked into a Walmart (in respect to every tree, in perfect alignment, similar to the store isles)
  7. Sh0rtbUs

    Brokeback Jiu Jitsu

    I thought it would tickle your fancy...  ;) ;D
  8. Sh0rtbUs

    Brokeback Jiu Jitsu

    http://www.wimp.com/grappler/ I strongly question the intent of the guy on the bottom... "break my neck, or lose this armbar..." You'd think it would be an easy choice, but evidently not.  ::)
  9. Sh0rtbUs

    Politics or a Better Reason?

    "Then how about getting with the program? Why don't you jump on the team and come on in for the big win?" :rofl:
  10. Sh0rtbUs

    New Army.ca Game (HEADLINES)

    Teething? F*ck teething! TAKE THE PAIN, TAKE THE PAIN!
  11. Sh0rtbUs

    Glad we're on the global stage.

    Cheers Adrenaline, I understand your sentiment and agree fully. Im just as glad as you are.
  12. Sh0rtbUs

    Ex Vigilant Guardian

    Elaborate? (sorry, just realised you posted prior about simunition. i wouldnt be surprised if nobody knew until the last few days of prep)
  13. Sh0rtbUs

    Wafa Sultan, Arab-American Psychologist

  14. Sh0rtbUs

    Ex Vigilant Guardian

    Its a shame i'll be missing this years CAC. Despite quite a few snags, Stalwart Guardian 05 was a blast. A lot of work goes into the annual Exercises, and it shows.
  15. Sh0rtbUs

    So I'm in the market for a new(er) car...any suggestions?

    Has anybody had any experience with Acura? I've been eyeballing, but just that... eyeballing.
  16. Sh0rtbUs

    What are you listening to/fav type of music

    After a 5 year wait since the release of "Lateralus", "10,000 Days" was just released by Tool. I picked it up, and I'm not disappointed. (oops, just realized this album has been mentioned twice already. Oh well, its worth the 3rd  ;D  )
  17. Sh0rtbUs

    Unit PT - Best Practices

    That gives me tingles  ;D Im what you might call a work out-aholic...  ???
  18. Sh0rtbUs

    The 2006 Stanley Cup Playoff Thread

    Poor, poor Detroit.  :-\
  19. Sh0rtbUs

    Iron Talon was a mess

    At least there was a lot of sleep (for the recce guys at least)  ::)