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  1. Marauder

    The Land Operations Temperate Boots (LOTB)

    A year after the last post, and I still haven't seen these "in the wild". Anyone know what's going on with getting these into general issue?
  2. Marauder

    Commentary "Why No One Should Join the Canadian Forces"

    While I utterly disagree with Bruce on his choice of political affiliates (it's hard to express just how deep the unions and Red socialism run in Windsor, though) I will back him to the wall to speak out, especially on his horseshit treatment from VAC after being catastrophically injured in...
  3. Marauder

    Jan-Feb 2015: Three Charged w/Terrorism Offences

    I would actually prefer that someone figure out where he recorded his little video, and have Task Force Black bundle him off on a gov funded trip to some third party contractor country who will have a little chat with him. They could inquire about who his current friends and Quran study buddies...
  4. Marauder

    Requesting Help IDing an Item

    Thanks Sir; I was pretty sure you would be the person to zero me in.  :nod: I'll see about getting a better image of the cypher to post up.
  5. Marauder

    Requesting Help IDing an Item

    A member if my wife's family found the item in the attached pictures while cleaning out their home in preparation for moving. Her family knows I am a reservist, and so it was passed along to me to keep if I wished since it "kinda looked military related". The person who gave it to me didn't...
  6. Marauder

    Fates of former armouries

    I was married in the 'Gunnery Room' of the London Delta (the ball room located on the outside wall beside Waterloo St) and IIRC there was a display case showing some photos of the Armoury back in its heyday, so there are a few reminders. When you see the roof line in the big atrium they have...
  7. Marauder

    Segregation in Messes

    That's the rumour I have heard since September as well. It's a shame since the JRs has been quite profitable from what I understand, and the O Mess is actually quite nice (though the dues are, ahem, a mite pricey). Palasad is also another decent option. The unit I am with was at one point...
  8. Marauder

    44K Helmets Being Recalled (out of ~1.1M in stock)

    Shitty, cut rate office furniture and throwaway meat tags are one thing; but HELMETS??? Just how stupid did someone have to be? On what planet is letting cons build ballistic PPE even remotely a sensible idea?
  9. Marauder

    Legality of drone attacks overseas challenged by ACLU

    You know what the worst war crime is? LOSING!!
  10. Marauder

    Eric, Prince Of Blackwater

    So first, you're going to have to point me in the direction of the part of my post in which I advocate that we in the CF should "break the rules”, or that any Western contractors have or should “break the rules” as it relates to the treatment of captured enemy combatants (be they TB, AQ, HiG, or...
  11. Marauder

    Eric, Prince Of Blackwater

    I'm pretty sure EVERY Western-born individual involved in the GWOT (soldier AND contractor alike) is savvy to the fact that the foe being hunted and fought could give less than a millionth of a fuck about the rules of treatment the Geneva Convention affords captured personnel. While the leftards...
  12. Marauder

    Polish Civilian and Military Leadership Killed in Crash

    First of all, RIP to those lost, and condolences to their loved ones, the Polish nation, and the Polish diaspora. A few thoughts. I'm gonna bet that this person, regardless of what happened, is going to have a very loooong week ahead of them with a lot of very 'interested' people. Also...
  13. Marauder

    23 Field Ambulance Contact

    I have tried searching for this on both the boards here and on Google, and either it is not out there, or my search-fu is getting atrophied. I am looking for a POC with 23 Field Amb in Hamilton regarding joining 23 as a Nursing Officer or HCA Officer via OT from R031 CPL with a 31 CBG infantry...
  14. Marauder

    Hospital to charge Dieppe veteran $700 a day

    Wow, a Toronto media "story" that's long on manufactured outrage and short on how the real world actually fucking works. If any of these "journalists" spent more than five minutes outside their cubicle, they might actually learn how those of us working in the "heartless bureaucracy" are fighting...
  15. Marauder

    What'll CAN Coalition Mean for AFG Mission?

    That flushing sound you hear is the CF being sent back up the river to buy Taliban Jack's "loyalty" (har har) and muffled silence. I love it when the "will of the people" is put forth front and centre.
  16. Marauder

    BFTs in City Equals "The Start Of A Police State"

    To add to the stories of "Green on Blue 'incidents'", we had a guy in our unit get chewed on by a K9 due to a series of "misunderstandings". First the local citizenry called 911 regarding armed men "running aroud" (reality: troops conducting recce patrols), then the call gets to the local...
  17. Marauder

    BFTs in City Equals "The Start Of A Police State"

    Sorry about that.. thanks OM.
  18. Marauder

    BFTs in City Equals "The Start Of A Police State"

    Brousing the local rag, I got a kick out of the first comment on a story about local troops conducting a BFT next weekend. http://www.canada.com/windsorstar/news/story.html?id=edf4d39b-a4cb-4a27-85a8-ea3c53877f4d This city is interesting in sooooo many ways.  ::) edit - corrected link
  19. Marauder

    What DVD boxed set are you currently watching?

    The Unit, Season 3; Babylon 5, Season 1; & SG: Atlantis Season 4.
  20. Marauder

    Is This Is Why LEO's Earn thier 'Jade'?

    BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!! Oh shit, you were serious, huh? Sorry, but I've dealt with vulnerable kids in one form or another for the last 2.5 years of my professional life, and let me tell you, you would be violently ill at some of the shit that "window licker"...